Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Slacker's Day Off #5 'Bride Of Chucky'

There’s nothing like having a day off where I have NO obligations. I don’t set the alarm clock before going to bed because there’s absolutely no reason to wake up for the next day. I can substitute beer for orange juice, coffee, or in my case... tea. I can walk around in my pale blue boxer briefs and a Dick Trickle T-shirt without keeping check on the clock.

But I did work out because it’s an obligation to keep myself from the indignity of being rescued from my house through a VW Bug-sized hole. I’m at the point where I like working out and I look forward to it. I put on some tunes and get lost for a while without any thoughts creeping back in. And I’m amazed how much people disregard the “song” these days. The may love the melody but they have no idea what the lyrics are really saying.

Anyone remember “My Sharona” by the Knack?

“… I always get it up for the touch of the other kind…”

I laugh whenever I think about it. I love the expression people make when they wake up and hear the lyric revealed to them.

Have you ever really listened to KISS’ “Christine Sixteen”? Now THAT is a filthy song. And if that were not enough, Gene Simmons has written a FEW songs about women of the jailbait variety. If I ever have a daughter some day, I hope to keep her and “The Demon” separated.

I remember my sister Pam coming forward and admitting her affection for the song “Keep Me Comin’” from the ‘Creatures Of The Night’ LP. I was mildly surprised. I just laid back and watched the whole thing unfold in front of my eyes. Pam was telling everyone that she really liked the song until someone told her what the lyrics were about.

“Hands on my shoulders, now… you’re getting bolder… your fears are slipping away. Each little bite, lets me… know that you’re ripe… you’re thinking maybe you’ll stay.”

And then it gets into the part about having orgasms over and over again in a hard rock style of cheerleading. It’s a highly infectious song. It will stick with you even if you don’t like it. Me? I like it because it has that “in-your-face” style I dig about KISS and it’s “catchy”.

The tape that I’m listening to right now (which is the title of the blog) is another that I made. Chip got one and so did anyone else that asked. I would spin off a brick of Maxell XLII’s for each tape of the series.

I would take a movie and strip away a storyline using the essential dialogue. Then I would mix in songs to fill in the story gaps between the dialogue breaks. I would take a whole day off to assemble each title in the “Slacker’s Day Off” series. Simply put, it was a hobby cheaper than playing golf or looking for prostitutes on Battleground Avenue. Twenty-six four-track cassette tapes, a case of beer, and the makings for sandwiches were the only supplies needed for my hobby. I wouldn’t have to leave the house all day. All of my attention was focused on the film and making the mix tape as the unchecked minutes clicked off the clock.

Generally, I would put about 4 to 8 hours into making one of these tapes. The one for ‘Zero Hour’ didn’t come pouring out from my collection. It won the “Most Time” award. ‘Reality Bites’ won in the “Shortest Time To Make” category.

I think ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ was the best one, but others argue that ‘The Conqueror’ came out on top.

My ex-fiancée didn’t like my little excursions because she didn’t understand it. There’s an answering machine message at the end of each mix from her. The first couple of messages were for real and the ones after that were sometimes scripted. On this particular mix (today’s blog title), I even included the outtakes from that answering machine session.

Today, I’m catching up on season three of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and I may even finish it.

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  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I do hope you have/had a great day off and everything, but I really could have done without the pale blue boxer brief image to start my day. Lucky Charms don't taste so magically delicious coming up.