Friday, February 03, 2006

Anthrax ‘State Of Euphoria’

I may be turning in my “man” card soon. Why? I really liked the movie ‘In Her Shoes’.

Guys, it’s one of them so-called “chick flicks”. But… open your minds, if you will…

Don’t watch the movie thinking that if it’s about women for women that the messages can’t be applied to our side of the tracks. Although the two main characters are women, I could easily think of guys I’ve known like them. (‘Deliverance’ voice here) You know, we is a lot like them in many ways.

At first, I didn’t like the movie but I soldiered onward waiting for the payoff. And when those slot windows all got a good look at 7, there were fireworks. ‘In Her Shoes’ had that typical “feel good” ending, but it was nicely done without a camera focusing on a dog or small kid waving their fool-assed tails and hands at us.

Pay close attention to how the director uses his cameras. Shirley Maclaine is excellent as the grandmother that wasn’t allowed any contact with her two granddaughters. The characters are wonderful to study because they are like people you know and they forgive and change right before our eyes.

I found it so interesting that I watched it twice. Just make the first call and I’ll torch that “man” card with my blue bic faster than Don Henley can pound through “Hotel California”.

The music for the day is by the “thrash metal” band Anthrax. I remember the first time that I heard the album. I wasn’t that impressed with it but my girlfriend at the time would just stand in front of the stereo system, crank it up, and head bang to the beat. She LOVED the damn thing. I was a fan of the ‘Among The Living’ album and I thought that Anthrax was selling out. The recording sounded a little softer on this CD. It sounded more polished. They even did a cover by a FRENCH hard rock band called Trust. I couldn’t have that even though the sound is surprisingly good.

Anthrax was a group of 5 geeky guys with long hair that knew how to play the paint of their instruments. They wrote songs about whatever they read in comics and novels. They wrote about movies and history. They wrote socially conscience heavy rocking tunes.

You could put your U2, Metallica, Ramones, “Weird” Al, and Deep Purple CD’s into a blender with a dash of The Ventures; you would get an Anthrax smoothie.

I can’t get into “today’s” speed metal, dark metal, or any of that screaming stuff. Maybe I’m too old or I like melody… but I don’t see it.

Did the Anthrax redeem my “man” membership?

Yesterday before my mix tape, I tried to listen to Pantera’s ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’ tape. And over the years, I’ve simply lost the flavor found in their music. I just don’t like it and I’m not sure if I ever did. The singer annoyed the crap out of me and I found it taxing to put up with that in exchange for “Dimebag” Darrel’s guitar work.

After owning that cassette tape for 15 years, give or take a few, I threw it away. I didn’t know anyone that would want it and besides no one but my father and me own tape players anymore. So, it took a little trip down to the end of White Street for a landfill dirt nap.

Now that I’ve written it, I could’ve found someone with Freecycle that would have loved it. Oh well, whatever will be will be.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    In Her Shoes was directed by Curtis Hanson, the same guy who did L.A. Confidential (the REAL best picture of 1997.

    A female-dominate cast does not make a film a chick flick. It's when the director/studio pours it on thick and manipulates the viewers' emotions in such a way as to be held hostage.

    But don't worry--the committe has its eye on you. When you cross the line, your Man card will be snatched from you with extreme prejudice.

  2. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Scott Ian could kick ass in Rock n Roll Jeopardy too.

  3. Scott Ian was on 'Rock n Roll Jeopardy'?

    I had no idea! He's a little geeky SOB.

  4. Anthrax covered The Smiths, too, which really ought to boil your blood! ;)