Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blink-182 ‘Greatest Hits’

After years of dismissing Blink-182 as crap, I now have a new respect for them. I just thought they were punk-rock wannabes. But they add a new flavor on the genre of punk by incorporating melody into their songs, both vocally and instrumentally.

But I couldn’t take the first track called “Carousel”. I bailed out on that joker at the halfway mark. The singing was too off-key for me. And for the record, that’s a lot.

Blink-182 won me over with their music. Also, they are quite humorous.

‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ season 3 has completely won me over too!

The whole series comes together and starts to gel and at the end, everything falls apart. A character leaves to do his spin-off series and Principal Quark (I think that’s how you spell it… The actor that played Principal Snider also played a character on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’) was eaten by the Mayor-turned-demon. Faith is in a coma… MMmmmmmm… Faith… Buffy has gone rogue and no one can stop her. Cordelia, 18 years old, hooks up with Buffy’s former-replacement Watcher who is probably twice her age. Season 3 has it all, baby!

The only thing missing is the one show filmed in 3-D.

Sunday night, I was talking with Deidre (from the ‘2 Guys Named Chris’ show) and she has warned me about season 4. She said something about an evil robot taking over the underbelly of Sunnydale. Did I hear right?

In my little part of the world, stupid sounding crap like that has it possibilities for great humor. I love a bad movie and I wonder if that was the intention of the creators and producers. Were they being sardonic?

I can hardly wait. Buffy has the proverbial Ted Nugent “Stranglehold” on me and I don’t want to break free. I just wanna black out and fall in love, baby.

Now that I’m through writing like Blue Oyster Cult’s Eric Bloom, we’ll move on…

I was supposed to get ‘Thumbsucker’ in the mail yesterday from Netflix. I think they strapped it to the back of a heartbroken Seattle Seahawks fan and pointed them in my direction. I read about it on Brad’s Netflix queue and added it to my own. I’ve gotten a few flicks like that… Seeing what others are watching and how they appreciate things. Here’s the call out! eugenebsims@yahoo.com Just add me on your Netflix’s Buddy/Friends list.

We’re having a movie premiere in the triad soon. And David Faustino will be here for it. Seems as if we couldn’t get Jon Bon Jovi even though he was just in Charlotte a few weeks ago. I was kind of hoping that we’d get Cary Elwes.

I’m finally getting caught up on my television shows. I tape them all and watch them when I get the chance. Television is free, so to speak (Directv), and DVD’s from Netflix are time sensitive. Netflix ALWAYS takes precedence. I can watch tape anytime.

I’m catching up with ‘24’, ‘The Shield’, ‘Surface’, ‘Lost’, ‘Bernie Mac’, ‘Invasion’, ‘Supernatural’, and introducing ‘Love Monkey’ into the mix. I’ve got at least 16 hours of catching up to do. And I ain’t gittin’ it done writin’ this up!

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  1. my favorite Blink 182 song (it's the only one I actually own) is called "family reunion". you should really listen to that track! ahaha