Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tracy Thornton ‘Just Me & My Pan’

Yesterday I received ‘Thumbsucker’ and ‘Dot The I’ from Netflix. I watched ‘Thumbsucker’ and got it flowing in the mail-stream again. Although I enjoyed the film enough to give it 4 stars, I’m still not sure why I “really like” it. Oh well, if I dwell on it too much I’ll find reasons to dislike it.

‘Dot The I’ was a suggestion from my Netflix friend, Kristina. She’s one hell of a movie buff and I trust her opinions except those about dreadful Harry Potter movies. But I’m sure she can say things about the dreadful things that I watch, like hardcore wrestling DVD’s and things of a ‘Star Trek’ nature.

She was dead on about ‘Boondock Saints’, ‘Dead Man’, and ‘Dot The I’.

Brad has made some great suggestions and I promise to watch ‘Chinatown’ again real soon.

I watched ‘Chinatown’ back around 1987 or ’88 and I didn’t like it. Maybe I just couldn’t get into the film at the time. I fell asleep once or twice during its run on the VCR. It just bored me to hell. So Brad, I’m giving it another shot.

I also added ‘Time Tunnel’ season 1 because of Brad. It was a television show from the mid 60’s that I know nothing about. The shows name seems a little familiar. Every time that I mention it, I hear a tiny little bell ringing through the din in my skull. It’s barely audible but I’ll eventually find it.

There are a few shows that I’d like to start watching from the get-go. And it’s so easy these days with the miracle of Digital Video Discs! Shall I list them?

I shall.

‘Dark Shadows’
‘Star Trek: Voyager’
‘Ed’ (not available)
‘Northern Exposure’
‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ (not available)
‘Invaders’ (not available)

Those are the ones that I can only remember right now. There are more stuffed away in the dark places ringing their tiny little bells from time to time.

Does anyone care about the Olympics?

I sure as hell don’t and I never have. The Olympic bug never bit me when I was a kid. I remember the Munich incident only because I enjoyed watching the news when I was little. I knew Bruce Jenner won something, but I didn’t know what event(s) and I didn’t care. I only knew that Dorothy Hamil started a hairstyle phenomenon because my sister Pam wanted her hair the same way.

I knew about Peggy Fleming because Snoopy from ‘The Peanuts’ had a crush on her.

I’ve never watched more than 2 minutes of any Olympic event or news story in my life. I’ve never understood what the fuss was about. I didn’t care about folks running around and sweating. I don’t care about people flinging themselves down mountains with slats strapped to their feet… Until they have a nasty spill. The injuries and carnage of a 12-bicycle pile-up manage to feed my attention span for a few seconds and that’s about it.

I just can’t get into it. All I know is this… It ruins my flow of television shows for what seems like 6 months.

NASCAR season is just around the corner and I’m starting to feel all giddy again. Daytona Pole qualifying is coming up soon along with the twin-125’s. The race to get into the race can be as exciting as the Daytona 500 it’s own damn self. I hope to make more time for it this year, but I don’t really see that happening. I would follow the Busch Series as well as Nextel Cup. I’ve been too busy the past couple of years to fully comply with my addiction.

For those of you that may wonder about who I like… Robby Gordon (no relation to that other Gordon) and this year, I’m throwing in my underdog to follow… Hollywood Stunt Driver, Stanton Barrett. I’m also keeping an eye on Morgan Shepard. He’ll be the oldest competitor and has backing for the whole season.


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Time Tunnel will be cheezy and dated, but when I was a mere child, it was a fun show. It's an early Irwin Allen deal where two men accidentally get hurled into time: sometimes they're in the past and sometimes they're in the future. Kind of a Quantum Leap precursor.

  2. Irwin Allen... 'nuff said.

    It'll be a while before I get to it though.

    I've begged Kristina to watch 'Arrested Development' and in return I must watch 'House'.

    I will let you know how that plays out.