Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs 'Pigus Drunkus Maximus'

Clay Howard from Stratocruiser (www.stratocruisermusic.com) found this interesting thing as he typed up the wrong address to my blog. It proves there’s good to every side of evil. Check it out for yourself… http://djeugene.blogpsot.com

I have thought and thought about what to write for this entry and absolutely nothing is coming to mind.

They say… I don’t exactly know who “they” are, but they say if you just start writing about anything, something will eventually come to mind.

I received ‘Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 1 disc 1’ from Netflix yesterday. My nephew Preston and me ate it up in one sitting.

The kid loves superheroes for some reason. I cannot get him to understand why Batman is the coolest. He likes Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The last one, I don’t know where the hell he found out about them.

As were watching the Superman DVD, the catchy theme music plays and I made up lyrics where there are none…

“Superman… SuperMAN… He’s really tall and smell-eee. Superman… SuperMAN… He feeds on dog - POO PEEE!!!”

And of course, Preston didn’t like that at all. He thinks Superman is really cool.

I told him that Superman is an alien. He’s a humanoid from another planet. He gets his super powers from the sun of our galaxy. His only weaknesses are kryptonite and magic. He’s just not that interesting because he doesn’t have many inner conflicts.

Now Batman… He’s interesting.

I tried to explain that Batman has no super powers at all. He relies solely on his abilities, intelligence, and training. And, the death of his parents is the mighty demon that he wrestles with in his head. He’s dark and brooding. Batman is mysterious and quite scary at times. He’s just damn cool!

And while reading this entry to Preston, he would like to add, “Batman FIGHTS the Joker!”

We’ve been alternating from Batman to Superman from Netflix. I’ve also squeezed in some ‘Futurama’ too. He likes Bender and I can’t think of a better cartoon role model than a cigar smoking, alcohol drinking, and woman-chasing robot. Preston has a firm understanding of bad words and Bender uses them as much as Elton John bends his hand at the wrist. He knows that if I hear him using those “bad words” or if someone tells me that he’s using those “words”… NO MORE ‘Futurama’.

I need to get him started on ‘The Simpsons’ as well.

Look at that! It’s true!

I just started writing and something came to me. It looks as if “they” were right all along. Thank you, “they”.

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