Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lenny Kravitz 'Are You Gonna Go My Way'

Again, just in case you're joining in late, the title of the day's entry is what I'm listening to on that day. Enjoy....

Well, Carl Sagan has just ruined my day.

I was watching ‘Cosmos’ on the Science Channel and it was about the study of light and traveling at the speed of light.

Needless to say, he blew all kinds of holes into what I’ve learned over the years from watching the various ‘Star Trek’ shows.

Einstein says that you cannot travel at or beyond the speed of light. It’s a law of nature. You can travel close to the speed of light, but never at that speed or beyond. He also theorizes that time would be different if you were traveling at the speed of light. What might take you 28 years by traveling at the speed of light to get to the Andromeda galaxy would seem like 300,000 years to the folks back on earth. Your spaceship would have “ship time” where everything would slow down. Meanwhile, back on earth, everything would be going along at the usual rate and by the time that you got back, the sun would have extinguished and there would be no life on Earth.

There will be no Captain Kirks traveling to distant and far off places at seven times the speed of light in the future.

Thank you, Carl Sagan.

I never watched ‘Cosmos’ when it originally ran because I was just a kid and didn’t care about such things. But watching now, I can see why everyone wanted to imitate his voice. Sagan was like the Harry Carry of science. He had a distinctive voice and pattern of speech. In a sense, he has a cool, scientific swagger when he speaks.

He’s still alive, right?

I’m expecting some DVDs in the mail today from Netflix. ‘The Sky Captains’ or something like that should be arriving.

To be totally honest, I have no real desire to see the film except for the special effects. Angelina Jolie, to me, is one of the most unattractive women that I have ever seen working in Hollywood. I just don’t get why everyone, EVERYONE, thinks that she is the bee’s knees. Don’t even get me started on Uma Thurman.

And the other flick… My mind is completely blank as to what it could be. I just checked what was arriving last night, but I just can’t remember. So, I’m guessing that it’s a movie that I just don’t care about either. Perhaps Uma Thurman is in it?

I looked into making a separate queue for the movies that I get for my nephew Preston and me to watch, but I can’t figure it out. Yeah… Understanding Einstein’s theories as put forth by Carl Sagan, I get. Figuring out a simple website with detailed instructions throws me into a full on Excedrin headache number 53. My brain just shut down on me and walked off the job.

What’s up with that?

Christine gave me the idea and it sounds good to me, but I cannot grasp how to do it.

I’ve got to go now and search out some alcoholic beverages.

Oh! My friend Sean and I came up with trying to get a phrase reborn while watching bad horror movies for Halloween. Instead of saying something “sucks” or “that’s a bad deal” when things go wrong, start using the phrase “that is most unfortunate”. No one ever says it anymore and it’s high time that we brought it back!


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Carl Sagan, dead.
    Harry Cary, dead.
    Angelina Jolie, I don't get.
    Uma Thurman, I do get. Well, not the way I would like to get it.

  2. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Well there's your heavenly bodies and then there's your Heavenly Bodies!

  3. Anonymous1:06 AM

    I find the fact that you cannot remember the name of that second movie to be most unfortunate.

  4. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Carl Sagan died in '96.

    Check out sometime. It's the dead people server. Very entertaining if you're interested in participating in dead pools.

  5. Brad - That's funny.

    Anonymous - That's funny.

    Kim - That's hilarious!

    Bebo - Thank you. Brad and I put together a "dead pool" when we worked at Peaches. Everyone thought that he cheapened it by adding Ryan White to his list.