Monday, November 07, 2005

Busted Uncle 'DEMOlisten!'

Have you ever sat and pondered about the ability that Jeannie has on ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’?

Well, I have.

She must be incredible at math! Imagine all of the algebra, both the differential and integral methods of calculus that she understands like a remote control. And lets not leave out how she drifts in and out of quantum psychics with ease.

You cannot just “will” things into being, disappear and reappear, and change events with a blinking of the eyes without having an ungodly amount of math and theory under your unseen bellybutton.

I know what you’re thinking… “Eugene, it’s just a TV show.”

I understand that, but what I’m saying is this… What if she was real? What if Genies really existed?

I just cannot imagine the amount of computations involved with what they could do and how they would do it with such ease. Frankly, it boggles my mind.

Last Friday night, I drifted over to the Green Room in Kernersville to see a reunion of Heavens Sake. Two of the members are now in Busted Uncle and they sort of did a reunion show “off the cuff”.

I was told that they hadn’t practiced in over 4 months, but you couldn’t tell unless you really scrutinized. They were tight and even soundman Chris Pennel didn’t miss any beats. He knew exactly where to pump things up or add some effects. It was a great show.

I ran lights for them at one time. And during the whole 45 minutes or so, I felt like I should have been doing something besides sipping on my Yuengling and scrutinizing their performance.

Tim Pinnix was the other Heavens Sake light tech and he agreed with my slight unease about “not” running some lights.

Heavens Sake was a local band that brought you a show and they required two light techs. Hell, sometimes Pinnix would also double up as a pyro-tech because some flash pots were used from time to time.

I remember the flames tickling the ceiling tiles at a club in Winston-Salem when Heavens Sake played there. Ahhhh….. The memories.

Busted Uncle was awesome too!

The lead singer, Brian Atkins, asked me if I would introduce the band. Of course, I was more than happy to do because it made me feel like a celebrity. And, as it turned out, no one in the audience had any idea who I was. Which isn’t surprising. But, it was awesome to be asked so that I could live in the celebrity fantasy for a few minutes.

I watched several DVD’s from Netflix over the weekend. First up, ‘Friday Night Lights’. I gave it three stars even though I didn’t really like it. It had a docudrama kind of feel to it and I could find no reason to fall in love with any of the characters. The direction from Peter Berg was excellent! The hard-hitting scenes were just that, but I did manage to find hatred for one of the characters. I can’t remember the name, but he was number 45, the running back for Permian High.

He was cocky and arrogant and I couldn’t wait for his ass to get his clock cleaned. I giggled like a ten year old girl talking to a boy she likes over the phone when his knee got tore up on the field. Oh, I found tremendous satisfaction when Mr. High n’ Mighty came crashing down after his chat with a Midland Texas doctor about the end of his career. I loved it when he cleaned out the books for Mercedes from his locker. I laughed my ass off when he returned to his uncle’s car and cried like a baby!

That big payoff was the only reason that I gave it 3 out of five stars. Otherwise, I hated the film. It was boring.

But, it wasn’t as boring as the third installment of ‘Star Wars’. ‘Return Of The Sith’ I think that it’s called.

Jeez! That movie had me reading the damn phone book for other things to do. I’m glad that I didn’t waste money on seeing it in the theaters because I would have been angry about it.

There was just too much fluff and too much time between the action scenes. Still, I gave it 3 stars on Netflix because I really didn’t hate it. George Lucas just took his sweet-ass time in getting to the end of that 2 and a half hour experience.


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I won't even dignify your opinion on Star Wars with a comment.

    Oh crap!...I just did...


  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Ha. 'Friday Night Lights' was on my, "I hated it and I know Eugene will hate it, but he won't let me tell him so he'll just have to suffer through it," list. still sure you don't want me to tell you when a movie on your Netflix queue is a real dog?