Friday, August 26, 2005

John Hiatt 'Stolen Moments'

Once again, I'll be brief. I promise a big full update next Monday.

Yesterday, I wrote about asparagus and how it's now on my short list of veggies allowed into my beer-based body.

Once I discovered that I liked asparagus, Ronie Alexander said, "It's makes your feet smell funny."

I looked at the green stalk on my fork and then back at her. I couldn't believe what I just heard so I asked, "What?"

"It makes your feet smell funny," she said.

I looked again at the asparagus on my fork and I couldn't figure out how this plant could affect the smell of my feet by eating it. As soon as I was about to ask how in the hell that could happen, the meeting started. I put that information in an envelope and sent it to the mailroom in the back of my head to be opened later.

The meeting broke up and I went to update my neglected blog. After doing that, nature was calling. I had been putting it on hold and it was starting to yell at me.

As I'm standing there at the urinal doing my thing, I noticed this strange odor. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was my urine. Then, it hit me. The envelope was immediately sent to the forefront of my brain with a "Ears got it wrong" stamped on it.

And I thought to myself, "It makes your PEE smell funny you idiot."

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