Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pink 'Missundazstood'


There’s not much to talk about today.

I could write about season three of ‘24’. I just received disc 1 yesterday. I’ve managed to digest all of it. Disc 2 should be arriving today.

Season three has some problems for me already…

First of all, it’s three years later in the storyline of Jack Bauer’s life. But all the cars look to be the same models as the ones that are currently on auto dealership lots. They are the same ones being shown in commercials on television.

Am I wrong?

Haven’t all the vehicles been up to date with the model year since the show ‘24’ began?

Occasionally, there’s a late model car, like the one Jack drove in season two. Maybe there’s an old truck thrown in for good measure.

My eyes aren’t lying to me… The vehicles are the same model year of the season when the show is taking place.

Will the shows be happening in the future from here on out? Will Jack Bauer be driving and flying those cars of tomorrow?

What’s the deal?

They don’t need to let three years elapse just to get some story line off the ground. They could have actually brought in another character for Jack to help along with the story. And of course, that character gets killed off pretty quickly and that’s our reason for watching.

I know that I should fully suspend my disbelief, but I can’t. If the show is happening in real time, shouldn’t it be happening in real time with the rest of us?

Think about it.

That’s all I got today. I’d love to make a longer entry but other than working, nothing is really going on with me to write about.

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