Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Beatles 'Past Masters Volume Two'

'24' has really won me over. Sure, it's a little predictable but it's fun. At the risk of sounding pompous, I've been very good at predicting the 180's in the show. I knew the latino girl that Jack Bauer trusted off the bat was someone working against him. I also knew that Alan York wasn't who he said he was.

Alan York was killed and replaced by an agent to tie up loose ends on Bauers' wife and daughter. It seemed to me that the guy was a little too G.I. for a father that had his wife up and leave him to raise a girl. Face it, most guys give in. They've run their race and have decided to put themselves out to pasture. They don't get all buff and keep up with appearances. No, they just spend their nights drunk and in front of the television.

So the agent had to make sure Alan York's daughter met an early demise. This was so she couldn't identify the kidnappers. He stood over her as she asked where her dad was. Then he clamped down on her and she met the reaper through suffocation. To me, it would have been a lot cooler if Alan York was actually the agent and he had to kill his own daughter even though he's a pawn in the game that he's passionate about. That would have been a more brillant move to me. An agent watching another agent by using his own daughter to get in close for future use.

Remember, I'm a sick mofo. But, it would show that the jokers involved with the conspiracy will do anything to put their plan into action.

I'm ready to get into disc 3 of season 1. Just looking for the time, baby.

My 'Green Acres' season 2 DVD's have fallen by the wayside. I'm sorry Eva. Please forgive me!

The weather has been spectactular the past couple of days. Hinzy and I just got back from Winston-Salem to take care of some business and my hair is all tangled up. We had our 2-70 air-conditioning on. For those who do not know, 2 windows down and traveling at 70 miles an hour. I'm needing a haircut badly. It's time once again for my yearly shearing.

My 4 and a half year old nephew has been chomping at the bit to get outside for almost a month. Preston is an outside kind of kid. He loves it. He likes camping out. He likes working with things that are dirty. Working on cars also appeals to him. It's funny... He looks EXACTLY like me when I was his age, but his personality is completely different. Sometimes, I'll be looking at him and he'll remind myself of a picture taken of me in 1971. Weird, man.

When I was growing up, my mother would constantly tell me that I should go outside and help my father with whatever he was doing. Usually, he would be working on a car or small engine... doing something dealing with carpentry... or anything where tools were involved. I had no desire to be included with these exercises. I had no interest. All I wanted to do was watch TV, listen to music, or hang with my friends. If I were outside and Dad was about to get involved with something, I would go into stealth mode. One minute I was there. The next, I was gone without a sound just like a ninja.

I think my father was a little disappointed that his only son shared none of his interests. Now he has a grandson that LOVES that kind of stuff. Preston loves it so much that he wants to be involved with everything. Now Dad has what he's always wanted except, it's like the monkey's paw. The wish has turned into a curse because Preston is more of a hindrance. He doesn't know what he's doing and as soon as Dad turns his back, Preston is grabbing some tool that will stunt his growth forever.

Remember the rule... Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.

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