Friday, April 08, 2005

'Beverly Hills Ninja' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Last night, I had dinner with a lovely woman, which of course increased my really good mood. I left for work and I was listening to some great sing-a-long music with Pat Benatar, one of the greatest asses ever in rock n’ roll.

I sat down at the computer and starting writing my entry for this blog. It was coming out of me effortlessly. It was funny and insightful. I felt that it was worthy of the highest blog award currently available.

Then all hell broke loose and unleashed every available internet demon. I didn’t save what I had written by using the cut, copy, and paste thingie. Stupid me, it bit me in the ass.

I went to save it as a draft and the damn blogger site just crashed on me. I tried feverishly to retrieve whatever I could. Nothing was happening for me, NOTHING! I shot out of the chair and looked around for something to smash.

My eyes found a box. I checked the contents and there were two cases of CD’s in there. That was no good. I saw the trash can right next to it, but that was no good either. The can had refuse in it and I didn’t want to pick up trash. Besides, there was nothing in there capable of making a good breaking sound.

The glass panes in this particular office were inviting me to put my hand through them, but I’m not stupid enough to listen to glass. So, I went into the break room and my eyes found the perfect scapegoat for my rage.

It was an empty CD jewel case.

I picked it up, took two steps, and purged all my anger by slamming the jewel case onto the Cheap Trick linoleum floor. Plastic shards went everywhere and I felt as satisfied as Ron Jeremy during a perfect across the room, in the eyes money shot.

I heard laughter coming from the doorway behind me. Ronald (Rock 92’s and KZL’s main man) was bent over with amusement. He had heard my string of computer based obscenities and came to watch the fun.

Ronald had told me that he’s seen people on TV get that angry with computers, but had never really seen it go that far before in person. He’s a lucky guy. He was no desire to get on a computer anytime soon. Ronald was kind enough to pick up my mess, but I couldn't allow that. I'm sure Ron Jeremy knows how to use a towel.

I looked in my production box and decided that I didn’t have time to rewrite what I had spent two hours on before. So, I opted to write a shorter piece much like this one. Again, the computer demons showed me exactly who was in control and I gave in until today.

I have good intentions on writing the piece and posting it over the weekend. I think you’re gonna love it. So, please feel free to drop by anytime.

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