Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Beastie Boys 'Check Your Head'

On the third episode of '24', things started to pick up.

There was girl on girl kissing. I do like that! Say what you will, I don't care. I don't particularly like watching guy on guy kissing, I just feel indifferent about it. Lets just say that I was a little shocked when Liam Neeson did a little uvula swing with another male actor in 'Kinsey'. I couldn't believe Rob Roy and Oscar Schlindler could do such a thing.

Also in this episode, Jack Bauer's daughter and friend are running from the kidnappers. The friend has a broken arm thanks to one of her captors and a tire iron. The young ladies are running down an alley and the friend gets nailed by a late model Pontiac Firebird. I laughed out LOUD! It may have seemed inappropiate to some of you. I just couldn't help it. The girl has a broken arm, she's running for her life, and she ends up spending some quality time with a hood scoop before being thrown into the street.

I'm a sick mofo, what can I say?

I am getting sucked into '24'. It's pretty bitchin' now! I'm looking forward to watching more and more. I'll be finishing off disc 2 of season one when I get home. I'm also expecting disc 3 to show up in my mailbox from Netflix tomorrow.

I started feeling funny yesterday afternoon not long after my workout. I felt kinda light headed and weak, almost like a sickness was coming on. I quickly dismissed it and continued my day by going to work.

The temperature here at the Rock 92 studios can be compared to Mr. Freeze's lair from the Batman comic books. Normally, I prefer the cooler temps, but when I settled in to work, I was freezing my ass off. I couldn't get warm. I put on my jacket. I couldn't get warm. I soaked my boxer briefs in sterno and lit them. I couldn't get warm. No doubt about it, I knew I was getting sick.

There's nothing that I can do about it. Most folks go to the doctor with any little sign of discomfort or illness. I can't do that, just like millions of other Americans, I don't have health insurance. Dropping a Ben Franklin for a doctor's visit and another Franklin for medication just doesn't fit into my budget these days. No, I don't believe it should be controlled by the government and free to everyone. That's bad mojo socialism.

I have my own health policy... Either my white blood cells put on their helmets and kill whatever invades my body or I die. It's that simple. When I get a cold, I take OTC crap and wait out the battle. So far, so good. And if that Ebola virus ever comes this way, I will outlast YOU ALL!

I got home and put on my flannel lounge pants and a T-shirt. Still couldn't get warm so, I put on my big fluffy robe. Still no warmth to be found. I wrapped up with a blanket and I felt all right enough to enjoy a little television.

I was still kind of tired from the lack of sleep over the weekend so I turned in a little more earlier than usual. I couldn't get warm under all the covers. I had no idea as to why I was feeling this way. The only symptoms that I had were body aches and a pressure type of headache from the eye sockets to the top of my head. I joked with a friend that it felt like my head was filling with blood as if an artery came loose and was hosing off the graffiti on the inside of my skull.

Finally sleep had found me, but not for long. I awoke to find myself in a 'Cool Hand Luke' condition. I was covered in sweat! I didn't let up, I just covered up tighter. I knew my white blood cells had the enemy on the run and I wasn't about to let up the attack on my end. I toughed it out and woke up feeling a helluva lot better!

I still feel the tiredness that you feel after kicking some bug in your system. I just skipped on the workout today to recover a little bit and watched some '24'.

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