Friday, March 25, 2005

The Texas Mudpussy Explosion 'Mini EP'

I'm very disgusted right now. I just spent an hour updating the blog and something happened and it was lost. F**K!

I'll try to capture the beauty once again.

To the meat of annoying others in song...

I am the first born of three. I have two sisters. As required by law, I must annoy them until they give in to the sweet release of death or my own demise. I have done well for myself. I'm proud to have left my mark on their psyche.

The easiest way to get a rise out of them was singing their names in popular songs. Toss in the word "smack" or sing about how others would enjoy smacking them as well added a lot of fuel to the fire that I enjoyed setting.

Allyson, a friend of mine (we dated as well), got into this practice with me. It wasn't unusual hearing us singing along with songs and incorporating the ideas of smacking each other. She came up with a classic take on a rock classic. As a matter of fact, I encourage Rock 92 listeners to sing along with the "smack" lyrics whenever I play the classic on the air.

Allyson was driving and I was riding. We were listening to the radio. 'Let It Be' by The Beatles came on. Allyson rearranged the lyrics on the "Smack Template". She was driving and singing along. I remember the smile on her face. She knew that she had struck gold. She knew that I could never top it. And, I never did. Here it is...

"Speaking words of wisdom... Smack Eugene. Smack Eugene, smack Eugene, smack Eugene..."

You get the point.

This practice has carried over to my 4 and a half year old nephew, Preston.

We were settling down to watch season 1 of 'The X-Files' on DVD. When the theme started, I was preparing some "berry/chocolate" milk for him. Without even thinking, instinct took over. It came out of me without warning and hit it's mark.

"Smacking, smacking Preston.... Smacking, smacking PRESTON..."

You sing it over the keyboard accents that drive the theme home, not the echo type of keyboards. The whiny, shrill keyboard... You know the one. Try it on someone you love.

There. Not as beautiful as I had written it before, but it's here for your enjoyment.

Check out Jeff is a riot!

Until next time!

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