Sunday, March 27, 2005

Kix 'Cool Kids'

I received some very interesting emails about the little irritating things that people do. Be aware, nothing goes unnoticed.

I'm posting this email response for several reasons. 1. It's damn funny. 2. I wholeheartedly agree.

This person will remain anonymous.


I just visited your blog, thanks to Jeff's link to it. I understand completely about that any who BS. I found out a long time ago that people are basically idiots. I feel that intelligence is not properly measured by one's knowledge, but rather by one's judgment and actions. A person can be highly intelligent and still be ignorantly irritating. I believe that such actions can only come about by a complete lack of respect of one's self and of others. A good example of this is lip smacking. How many times have you seen respectable people, some that you possibly care for even, smack their GD lips, suck their fingers, slurp their drinks and just completely carry on like a dumbass. I feel like I need a pair of safety glasses if I am going to share a meal with one of these people. I have actually seen a person use a pocket knife to clean food out from under their finger nails, and then eat it.

The use of words and catch phrases are often used in an attempt to be cute, or to appear superior to others. But they simply lack the knowledge to see that it in fact makes people think less of them. Remember Whaaaasssup?

A lot of these same irritating people seem to lack enough common sense, that they no longer have the ability to make simple decisions. It seems that they no longer know right from wrong, or fact from fiction. These people are literally afraid to have an opinion about anything. Because when an opinion is offered, a judgment is made. And God forbid we should judge anything or anybody. So they become big o'l hand wringing liberal pussies, that don't have the sense God gave a goose. Pitiful.

PS. As you can tell I have thought about this a great deal.

Folks, don't be shy. Post your comments! Have an opinion, it is truly your own. I wanna hear them. You don't have to use your real name, this is "CyberLand". Feel free to be at ease. There's no Mrs. Kravitz watching through your windows as you cast your internet spells. Darren will not get on your case about it.

Last night, I saw 'Ray'. You know the flick about Ray Charles?

It was DAMN good! Of course, the child's arm in the suitcase of water was a little unsettling. Great story, great music, and great acting. This flick totally blows 'The Doors' out of the water. (For those who do not know, I just made a joke. 'The Doors' sucked).

Kim Thore ('Go Triad' columnist and ) fell asleep.

After working all day doing remote work for 1075 KZL, I went to Casa de Kim to hang a painting. For reasons unknown to me, she trusts me to do a good job in this matter. When it comes to anything mechanical or involves carpentry, I'm as skilled as a bowl of mac and cheese. I don't think that she has caught onto that yet.

We decided that we both could use some nurishment. She wanted some italian grub from The Olive Garden. I don't like italian food so, I suggested East Coast Wings. We agreed to eat at ECW then pick her something up where everyone is family, yet you're expected to pay.

We got back to her pad and put in 'Ray'. She had a full belly. She covered up with a blanket. And, in my years of dealing with two sisters, a mother, and girlfriends, this only meant one thing. She was going to sleep.

She fought it, but eventually her eyelids proved too worthy an opponent. No problem, I just continued watching 'Ray'.

When the closing credits started to make their way upwards into view, it was time for me to split.

I was tired myself. I had worked a ten hour day and at least six of those hours involved kids.

But, I wasn't tired enough to go to bed when I got home. I watched another episode of season 4 of 'The Sopranos'. Went to bed around 3am. Got up around tenish and finished season 4.

Season 5 doesn't come out until June and I'm starting to itch just like Ray Charles without any privacy.

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  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Oh wow, believe it or not I watched Ray and I too loved it!