Monday, March 28, 2005

The Allman Brothers Band 'An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band, Set 1'

For the only time that I can remember, this was the first Easter where I didn't have a Cadbury Egg.

I love those crazy-ass things!

Some people are grossed out by them. The Cadbury Egg has a chocolate shell with a sugary sweet creme filling that looks like a yolk and egg whites. But, it's the chocolate that does it for me.

I cannot remember when they were introduced. It seems like Cadbury Eggs have been around since I was a teenager.

Our family loved them so much, my Father surprised us one night....

It was a few days after Easter when my Father came off patrol at seven o'clock. He was a patrolman for the Guilford County Sheriff's Department.

He came in the house with a full box of Cadbury Eggs under his arm.

Dad told us when he stopped at one of his "watering holes" that he noticed the store was heavy on Cadbury Eggs. An open box with half of a supply and a full unopened box underneath. A deal was struck between cop and store owner. Dental practitioners were alerted and a restraining order was being processed for Richard Simmons.

You see, Cadbury Eggs are only available for a short time. The eggs are generally laid a month before Easter and they are usually gone before the Sunday dinner leftovers.

We put them in the freezer and had Cadbury Eggs until August.

I'm thirty-eight and my Mother still puts together Easter baskets for my two sisters and me.

This morning I pulled out a goodie to eat while watching a DVD. It was a box of Necco Assorted Candy Eggs and the movie was 'Cellular'.

The Necco Eggs were a little different from the heart-shaped Valentine candies. First of all, they're egg shaped. Second, instead of cutesy sayings like "Be Mine" printed on them, they had people's names on them.

The usual white kid names were all represented. Examples: Mike, Matt, Jill, Robin, and Bob.

There was one surprise. A white egg (tasted like Pepto Bismol) with "Dom" showed up.

As Jeff Kay ( ) would say- What in the honeybaked hell?


Does Dom DeLuise have a controlling interest in Necco? Or, is that to pacify the small but vocal percentage of Dominiques out there?

I never found a "Eugene" nor did I expect to find one. A "Jean" did pop up and was quickly eaten without an eye blink.

I never had any of those personalized trinkets that most folks had in their young developmental years. Never had a novelty license plate for my bike, no pencil boxes, and no personalized drinking cups.

I didn't like having a very uncommon name at that age. I liked "Tony" for a name. It was short and sweet and it sounded much cooler than "Eugene". I couldn't convince my parents to legally change my name so, I eventually accepted it.

I was named after two Grandfathers. "Eugene" belonged to my Dad's father who died when he was twelve. I've only heard a few stories about him.

My middle name hasn't been to kind to me either, it's Byrl. Pronounced like Uncle Milty's last name. Once again, very uncommon. That came from my Grandfather on Mom's side. He's still very much alive and kicking ass.

Overall, I think that I came out on top with what I got. The other two names that could have been used were "Millard" and "Taylor". It could've been any horrifying combination if you think about it. I have.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about names in songs.


  1. man, am i ever slow on the uptake. IF ONLY I HAD READ YOUR OLD BLOG POSTS BEFORE ASKING YOU WHAT THE "B" STOOD FOR?!?

    now i have to drag my ass into work, but i hope i get a chance to read more during the day! :D

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    funny:) I am thinking Dom worked at the factory that made the candy.
    When my grandmother was alive she loved those Cadbury Eggs..... one time I swear she ate 12 of those things at one sitting. No, it is not what killed her.