Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Judas Priest 'Point Of Entry'

Today was beautiful! Sunny skies with temps around the mid 70's. I spent most of it indoors as usual.

I dropped by Sean's to treat him to some birthday chinese delivery and we ended up watching 'Wrong Turn' on DVD. Food good, movie bad.

My biggest problem with 'Wrong Turn' was that it was set in West Virginia. I am a product of the great state of West Virginia and I don't like how outsiders view Mountaineers as a joke. This flick perpetuates the myth that West Virginians are inbred mofos who can barely put sentences together and have sex with anything that moves. Okay.... Maybe the last part represents me a little. Just one prerequisite, female.

Another problem with this movie, NO NUDITY! What the heck??? Eliza Dushku should always be shot naked. Nothing more and everything less.

In the movie, the hillbillies have Eliza tied to a bed. Sean and I both asked each other why the inbreds didn't strip her down to bare skin. The only reason I arrived to... "Sean, these jack-offs MUST be from Kentucky."

Overall, it was a good ride with one glaring continuity error. One of the victims had a daisy or flower on his necklace as they are walking down Deliverance Drive. A few minutes later, no flower as his girlfriend is picking it. Then they start hoofing it again on Squeal-Like-A-Pig Lane with the flower on the necklace. Jeez!

The names in songs thing... I didn't want to forget.

Are you lucky enough to have your name in a really cool song? I'm one of those that have a name that equals disappointment in that area.

I know of only one song that carries my name... Pink Floyd's 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene'. And, it's not even a cool song.

If you have a cool song with your name, feel free to list it with a comment.

I left Sean's for work with my windows rolled down and Judas Priest cranked up baby! It felt really good. It made me think of easier days when the only worries were trying to hook-up with girls who would actually like me and riding around in my '73 Gran Torino that was filled with trash from fast food joints while enjoying some hard rock tunes.

The wind was in my hair. I had my shades on. Rob Halford was singing 'You Say Yes'. A question hit me. Why isn't hard rock the most popular form of music on the planet?

Granted, the 80's hair metal movement really did a number killing any notion of how cool hard rock can be. But, there's SO much more to hard rock than crap.

The reason I love it so much (keep in mind, I love ALL kinds of music).... Hard rock is visceral. I got out of my truck in a great mood. I wanted to walk over to Earthtones Recording Studios ( ), pick up Benjy Johnson's Gold Top Les Paul ( ), and crank out some power chords.

If you don't know, great power can be found with a loud, distorted guitar. There's no feeling like it. It makes you feel good despite the reactions of others around you. They can love it, they can hate it. It just doesn't matter as long as she's in tune.

If you feel like venturing in really good hard rock waters, here are some CD suggestions to get you started.

Kix 'Midnight Dynamite'
Starz 'Coliseum Rock'
Van Halen 'Fair Warning'
KISS 'Rock n' Roll Over'
Accept 'Restless And Wild'
and of course, the one mention at the header... Judas Priest 'Point Of Entry'.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Christine Sixteen, baby!

    Now, where the hell is my 'Christine Thirty-Seven' tribute?

  2. Can you make me dizzy? Can you see me through to the end?

  3. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Keep the Kettel One pouring and I can do just about any damn thing you like. (leer)

  4. Enlighten me... What's the "Kettel One pouring" mean?

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Kettel One is a premium vodka, you Pabst Blue Ribbon-swilling fool. In other words, get me drunk. >grin<

  6. Hmmmm...... Just how premium is this vodka? After all, I'm on a PBR budget.

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I dunno, I'm always buying it in overpriced mixed drinks. I see a fact-finding trip to the ABC store in my future.

  8. Well, let me know for future reference. Oh, and I should I get some KY? You did say just about anything. :-)

  9. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Pervert >grin<

  10. I'm kinda scared to leave a comment here, after reading the ones already posted! I'm torn between "i'm intruding on a private conversation" and "hey, are you giving out invitations to the party?"

    good thing this is an old blog post...i'm guessing the comments are too!

    ANYWAY, the point of my comment is: there are many songs with "Molly" in them (some good, some downright awful) but The Beatles "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" takes the cake, as it contains my first AND last (maiden) name! Not many people can say that!

  11. Anonymous6:16 AM

    hi ya what's dis about rock'n'rollin, no AC/DC? no Van Halen? Shirley you jest and yes i'm calling you SHIRLEY


    DJ Moose

  12. Anonymous2:21 PM

    It bugs me when they make stupid errors in movies on little things, hence the flower...
    As far as songs go atleast you are not crying or carting a gun around :( damn I must be depressed. If you know of any upbeat song with my name please let me in on it.

  13. Wish I had more rock'n'roll artists in my studio