Thursday, March 24, 2005

No CD today. Radio, baby!

Not much going on, but I do have a gripe...

I'm getting annoyed by the word, "any-who". I've put up with it for years. I know people that say it. People that I care about. I even want to smack people I don't know when I hear that word leave their lips.

Am I crazy?

I explained my problem with that word to Marcia Gan (Afternoon Drive, Rock92). She asked if it was a southern thing. I wasn't sure. I know that I hear it on television and in movies because I literally cringe when my ears detect that word. So, I'm sure that it's entrenched in American speech patterns regardless of location or dialect.

I went out with a very intelligent lady a couple of years ago. We dated briefly. On the first date, she used that word. Right then, I considered not seeing her again. Just over a silly word.

I'm sure that I have many, MANY faults that get on people's nerves. Like when I see a street sign and to remember where the road comes out, I will try to attach a famous name to it. Example: Carr Street becomes Eric Carr Street.

Another thing I like to do is sing the road's name in a familiar song. Example: "Chimney Rock Road and I don't care" to the tune of 'Jimmy Crackcorn'.

That one began while an ex-girlfriend and I were traveling on 40 West and we were passing the Chimney Rock Rd. exit. My workplace was just off Chimney Rock and I was so happy to have a carefree day off from the hellhole that the song just came out of me.

Some years later when Allyson and I became friends again, she told me that she should slap the sh*t out of me because of that song. Everytime she saw the exit on her way to work in Winston-Salem, that song would pop into her brain.

So, I do have my own brand of crazy crap that bothers people.

I haven't spoke up to my friends who use that word yet. My movement on the issue of "couldn't care less" have fallen on deaf ears. It just doesn't do any good to point these things out. I will just continue hearing that word and the improper usage of "could care less" and let the hair on my neck bristle to attention as I push the urge to use unrestrained violence down into my soul.

Maybe, the next update, I'll tell you about how singing your loved ones names with the word "smacking" can drive them up a wall.

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  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Do not give up the fight on the "couldn't care less" movement. Any action that defeats even the most trivial ignorance is worthy of being undertaken. I refuse to ever let anyone tell me that they "could care less" without explaining to them (in great detail) the folly of their ways. Also, there should be a law stating that those who say "any-hoo" may be suject to immediate pummelings.