Friday, March 18, 2005

Paula Abdul 'Spellbound'

Just figured out that this blog site puts the dates up when I update. Yeah... Sometimes I is slow.

I'm looking forward on getting started on season 4 of 'The Sopranos'. I got rid of HBO just before the show started up. Netflix is a great way to start watching series. Especially those you can't watch because the big oil companies beat out your entertainment budget.

I was a little leary about watching the show. After all, the people telling me how much they dig it are the same folks that watch reality shows, 'Will & Grace', and they have all the seasons of 'Friends' on DVD.

I don't understand why people watch the majority of reality shows. 'Survivor' really brought the genre to the forefront. Personally, I wasn't sucked in by the massive onslaught of premiere hype. It just didn't interest me. I know there's nothing "real" about most of these shows. The situations people are put in on 'Survivor' are not real. It's a set-up so they can record your reactions for a public that has no sense of taste.

Want a reality show? It will make you get off your ass but, spy on the neighbors, hang out with a homeless person, or spend some time in a children's ward at the hospital. That's where reality can be found. See for yourself how others live. Find out heartbreak and how someone can lose everything. See how life can slap even the young with something they can't outrun and watch them fight for everyday on this earth.

I haven't checked on DVD sales of reality shows, do they sell?

I look at it this way... If I'm not going to find it on TV Land in 30 years, why bother watching it to begin with?

I must admit, I did have a guilty reality show pleasure once. I was a big fan of the WWE's 'Tough Enough'. Contestants train to become WWE SuperStars in a elimination style series. Pro wrestling purists didn't like it because it gave away too many trade secrets. But, for those of you who don't like wrestling or even understand the appeal, this show will give you respect for what these entertainers do.

It's very demanding. You can get hurt if you don't know what you're doing and you can get hurt EVEN if you're a trained professional.

My sister Tina has never enjoyed watching wrestling. But being around when I was watching 'Tough Enough', she got sucked in. She found it to be unlike so many other reality shows. The contestants weren't only competing against each other, they also had to trust each other because of the injury issues of wrestling. Everytime a wrestler steps into the ring, they put themselves in the hands of someone else. One wrong move and a lucrative career is over.

Friendship began during the course of the show. And my sister couldn't believe what happened whenever a contestant was eliminated. Almost every show ended with everyone hugging and teary eyed because of the trust and bonds built from their training. Sure, they were out for their own gain but, I think those contestants learned more about themselves and each other than they could learn from any other type of reality show.

Do yourself a favor... Rent or purchase the WWE 'Tough Enough' shows on DVD. I think you'll be surprised on how real wrestling can be.

The thing that amazed me, contestants would sustain injuries that would put most of us out of work for a week or longer but, they kept going until a trainer cut them. And unlike 'Survivor', it's worth watching several times.

It may not make you a wrestling convert but, you'll gain a whole new respect for these types of performers.

Series too long for you, check out the documentary 'Beyond The Mat'.

And for the record, most wrestling fans have a good set of teeth as well as intelligence.

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