Thursday, March 17, 2005

March 17, 2005: Neil Young & Crazy Horse 'Ragged Glory'

Not much to write about today. The only thing newsworthy was the snow early this morning. Nothing to get excited about. In North Carolina terms, it was only a pint of milk and a slice of bread type of snowfall.

Folks in North Carolina just go bananas when snowfall is predicted. They rush to the grocery stores and strip the milk and bread aisles bare. They will run over little crippled children for the last box of Pop-Tarts. They are prepared to bleed for the last pack of hot dog buns. It's very amusing why these people rush to the stores.

Since I've been alive, I've never experienced a situation in Greensboro, where I was stranded in my house for more than a day. Even on those types of days, I've never even considered killing my family or pets for food to keep breathing. To me, I always take it as a reason to catch up on some couch time and do absolutely nothing. Unless, the driveway could use a shoveling.

Ice storms, now that's a real downer. Not the being stuck in the house part, it's the loss of power thing. That's when the homicial thoughts get percolating. Too much quality time talking and being stuck inside can drive a person to smear their feces on the wall and sharpen all the cutlery in the house. If it weren't for television, I think murder rates would soar during the winter.

Watched 'Bad Santa' and it was all right. Actually, it was a little more than I expected. Billy Bob's character had a very foul mouth. I'm desensitized to that sort of thing for the most part, I work with Marcia Gan. (Just kidding Marcia) But overall, the flick didn't really move me either way. So, I guess that it was just "okay".

'The Stepford Wives' remake was very disappointing. I was surprised to find it directed by Frank Oz. You know the guy, he was the voice and puppeteer of the lovable Fozzie Bear on 'The Muppet Show'. He's a good director, quite adequate. Glenn Close was excellent. Nicole Kidman just kinda cruised through it and ladies and gentlemen, she cruises very well. If ya know what I mean...

'The Stepford Wives' should have been handed over to John Waters. I got the feeling that the remake was striving for comedy and it just didn't get there. They should have at least let Waters write the screenplay. THEN, it would have been a fine film indeed.

The original, although slow and atmospheric, is a better film. It's about losing one's identity amid a world of corporate and social conformity. Of course, that's just my opinion so take it as you like.

Next up, 'The Punisher'. I'll let you know about that one too.

Back in the 80's, I was very disappointed with the Dolph Lundgren straight to video release. Did it play in the theaters? Ah, who cares anyway?

This one should be all right. It's Marvel approved! There's only one film of the current adaptations of Marvel heroes worth complaining about. That would be 'The Hulk'. Man, that movie really fell flat on it's big green face. The only reason that I would watch it again... Jennifer Connelly.

'Daredevil' was awesome! Both Spider-Man flicks were tres' cool. The first two Blade pics were good, I haven't seen the latest one.

Okay, that's enough rambling from me. Smell ya later.

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