Sunday, February 23, 2020

Thank You

I open up this blog post with a THANK YOU to everyone that has liked my Wheeler’s Dog Facebook page and those that have taken the time to listen to my first podcast on YouTube.

After listening to the podcast, I could tell that I was nervous for some reason. I’m not usually nervous before cracking open a microphone. I think that I was feeling the pressure from myself to make it “good”. Sure, there’s room for improvement. Adjustments will be made over time. Features added. Etc.

The first five episodes will be available to everyone. Then there will be 2 episodes per week. One available to everyone and the other will be on Patreon for a donation of just $4 or more.

I stole the idea from Jeff Kay and his podcast THE WEST VIRGINIA SURF REPORT. It seems fair to me because it’s difficult to find sponsorship. He gave me his blessing.

The Wheeler’s Dog podcast is part of The Less Desirables Network. It’s great being a part of podcast network along side other great podcasts like The Less Desirables, Fan Interference, The Man Who Ate The Town, The Beer Dads, Apartment 5B, and Beeswax Vinyl & More.

My podcast is only on YouTube right now, but soon it’ll be available on Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and all the other places you get podcast from. I’ll keep them on YouTube. I want them readily available for ear consumption. I want listeners to find them under any rock they may turn over.

And if you haven’t heard it… Click this!

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