Friday, November 08, 2019

Giving Fund Raising A Shot

I have done some voice work in the past and with the small prodding of a colleague, I’m seriously thinking about doing it from home. Sure, I could do it with Tim Beeman at The Less Desirables studio, but working from home would be easier. Why drive 25 minutes to the office when I can walk downstairs?

Plus, if anyone needs a redo or add a line or etcetera, take that little trip downstairs.

And I’m thinking of starting a podcast or two. Yeah, I know… the world needs another podcast right?

Since hearing The Jeff Kay Show and The West Virginia Surf Report it seems to be the next logical step for the evolution of this here award-winning blog. You’d actually get to hear my voice, the tones if you will, and how worked up I can get about the stupidest of things. And when I’m usually riffing on something, my rants usually turn into what I would consider some good standup comedy. I never run “tape” or record these rants. So, I have lost comedic gold many times in the past.

And there’s also a desire to do a right-wing parody podcast featuring a character that I’ve been toying with, Jimmy Rightside. You don’t ever have to be factual when dealing with politics whether you’re the President or debating Democrat contemporaries. Have you ever looked at the fact checks after the debates??

Why would a podcast host need to be held to such a strict standard if those running for office are stretching the truth?

They don’t and Jimmy Rightside could be some fun to do.

But when I do bring Wheeler’s Dog to the podcast world I’m going to use Jeff Kay’s model. I like what he’s done because it’s hard to monetize those things unless you get HUGE! I’d love to have sponsors, but finding them is not an easy task. A lot of them don’t mind working with podcasts for trade, but I need actual cash to fund the machine. Ya know?

Jeff Kay puts out 2 podcasts a week. One for the masses and the other for a select group that fund his efforts on Patreon. I am one of the people that helps to fund his efforts and I have recently caught up with every single podcast available. The West Virginia Surf Report all access show can be found on Spotify, but you gotta listen to the others on Patreon. I think that it makes great sense to do it that way. It’s brilliant.

First step for me is to get a good computer and a really good microphone in order to do these things at home. I’m about to pull the plug on financing the computer, but I thought for a minute… How about fundraising?

It seems to be the way things are done these days. But just begging folks for money on a crowdsourcing website just doesn’t seem right to me. So, I borrowed an idea from local musician Clay Howard. He has designed t-shirts to fund his recordings. I jumped on board with that! I got a cool unique t-shirt and he got some cash to fund his recordings that I enjoy. It’s a win-win kinda sitch!

A few months ago, I started thinking about the goofy riffings my cousin Dan Lively and I would do to entertain ourselves. I remember the time that we were riffing about restaurant names. We would answer the phone at his house or our grandmother’s… “Barney’s Burger Bungalow. What you can I put between your buns?” or “Peggy’s Pizza Palace home of the pricey pepperoni pie, how can I help you?”

Oh yeah, we were clowns. We flew around the lofty heights of comedy like eagles.

So, I hit the Custom Ink page and designed a t-shirt for Peggy’s Pizza Palace and offered it up starting at $15 bucks. I could make more from it at a higher price, but I don’t want my friends to make a big commitment. It’s a unique shirt, I think. And I’ve always wanted to make and design t-shirts. Even if I don’t make the minimum of 11 to even get them printed, I got to check something off the bucket list.

I have a couple more shirts planned… Barney’s and one for a made-up strip club. And then someone suggested that I make one up for the Stankwell Falls Cocktail Lounge with the Stankwell Falls Fizz recipe printed on the back. It’s a fictitious place in the Green Acres/Hooterville universe. Brilliant!

If you’d like to help me with my endeavor and score a true one-of-a-kind t-shirt for a fictitious pizza joint… Here’s the LINK!

Thanks to those that have already signed up to get a shirt. And BIG thanks to the one person that donated money on top of purchasing a t-shirt! He’s helping me restore my faith in humanity.

I just need 6 more to make it a reality and have them printed up. So hopefully, they’ll make it to reality. My goal is 50… lofty eagle huh?... but realistically I am shooting for a dozen.

And if I haven’t thanked you for reading my sometimes entertaining ramblings… Thank you!

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