Thursday, September 12, 2019

Excitement At 52

Recently I made a couple of purchases that had me oh-so-super-excited! I mean excited!

We had a renovation done to our game room. We took out 3 old and air-leaky windows. We thought about just replacing, but I got a wild idea about making some sort of bay window for Chigger’s plants. The woman is crazy about plants and if they’re in a large window, there’s more room in the game room. It’s a win-win for both of us!

And while the contractors were building that addition, I purchased a mount and flag pole. Jamie acted first by purchasing a friendly froggy “Welcome” flag. It’s cool. And I ordered a Redskins flag to be displayed on game days.

I ordered it with the hopes that it would arrive before the first regular season game. But you know how that goes… It arrived the day after the game. No worries. They lost as I expected they would. So, no big deal. Plus, I wasn’t able to watch the game without some expensive NFL Ticket package. I ended up watching a lot of the Brickyard NASCAR race. It’s usually a boring affair, but since they made it the last race to get into the playoffs… That race got good.

This weekend I’ll have flag up outside early Sunday morning. It very well could come down around 4pm. We’ll be able to see the game on the local FOX affiliate. I’ll be watching that’s for sure.

The Las Vegas Cup race will hit the airwaves that evening. I’m torn about watching it. That race is incredibly boring, but who knows… Since it’s a playoff race there could be a little bit of excitement. But my hopes aren’t high.

Back to flags… I hope to get all kinds of various flags. State flags, Carolina Hurricanes, and flags from the race tracks that I’ve been to are high on the list.

If that bit of “excitement” wasn’t embarrassing enough, this one could have me put into the “boring old fart” file…

We used to leave an LED floodlight on at the north side of the house 24/7. It helps us watch the dogs when we let them bitches out to sling urine. It doesn’t cost that much money to leave on, but I decided that it didn’t need to burn like an eternal flame just so we can see silhouettes of dogs hunched over in the number 2 position at night. I tried to keep up with it on a daily basis when dumping the dehumidifier twice a day, but things get overlooked. I’m not Super OCD Man!

To make things easier, I found a light socket thing with a light sensor that turns off the LED floodlight at dawn and turns it on at dusk. I checked on the times it went on at dusk. The average is right about 14 minutes before sunset.

Yes. This is what my life has come to when it comes to excitement. I may just start living my life in bedroom shoes and a robe like the MIL who wears nothing but housecoats every day.

It won’t be long until I’m living like Chris Peterson’s parents on ‘Get A Life’. Robes and pajamas 24/7.

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