Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Addiction to Television??

I’m a fan of television. And here recently, I’m being told by someone that I love that I’m addicted to it.

I wouldn’t say that I have an addiction. I have great appreciation for television and the programming that it offers me, you, and the rest of the world. It’s not like I’m on the street corner with a sign reading “Will Watch TV for Food”. I’m not going to the seedy parts of King, NC looking for my fix of ‘Better Call Saul’. And I’m not breaking into houses so I can purchase ‘The X-Files’ complete series on DVD.

I’ve been attacked because I’ve been watching too much streaming content in the bedroom with the Roku. You see, I recently tried Hulu for the second time.

I didn’t care for it the first time because of all the commercials, but the real deal-breaker for me… ‘Green Acres’ was only available to watch online.

Why couldn’t it stream to my television?

I didn’t understand and felt a bit slighted that not everything was available to watch on my Roku. Sure, I could watch it on a computer or get a cable to plug that computer into the TV to watch. But that was a little too much trouble and I don’t have time for trouble. I want pain-free viewing.

So now I’m examining Hulu for “cutting the cord”. And to be honest, I have a deal-breaker there with Hulu not having ‘The Walking Dead’. I suppose that’s a minor thing, but it is now one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Its must see TV for me.

But since getting back with Hulu I have noticed lots of older television shows. I’m watching ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, ‘WKRP In Cincinnatti’ (S1), and the complete ‘Green Acres’. I’m about to toss ‘Mr. Ed’ into the mix too!

You see, ‘Green Acres’ seasons 4 through 6 aren’t available on disc. They may never be available on disc. So this, to me, is like striking gold! It’s rockin’ good news! I’m finally able to watch those shows that I haven’t seen in at least 20 years.

I’m also enjoying their new series ‘11/22/63’ with James Franco and Chris Cooper. It’s based on the book by Stephen King and I reviewed it here a couple of weeks ago. I’ve even gotten Chigger and her youngest watching it.

But the addiction discussion started last night when Chigs wanted to watch something on the TV. And she wanted to watch something that I’ve already seen.

Sometimes I have to move ahead of her because she has so much going on that takes up some of her free time.

I didn’t feel like watching the same program again when I have so much to revisit on Hulu. And plus, I can watch some of the shows that I have on the DVR over on Hulu. She could catch up on one of our favorites while I go into the bedroom and watch something else.

You would have thought that I called her mother the “B word” because of her reaction. She took it as a slight. She wanted to watch something together.

I get that. I really do. And perhaps I should have just kept my mouth shut and re-watched the show with her. Hell, I’ve forgotten what show caused the entire ruckus.

Well, we decided to watch an episode of ‘Ghost Adventures’ and all was delightful once again.

I’m not addicted. I can give up television, but I love it so much. I’m partial to half-hour comedies, but it’s not exclusive. It’s not like I’m sneaking off behind the garage to watch ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’. I’m not going out to the car during my lunch break to stream some ‘Malcolm In The Middle’.

An addiction is something that is difficult to control. My television viewing has been curbed with frequent weekend trips to “The Big House” outside of Clemmons. We have no wifi or streaming there. Mother-scratch! We don’t even have a television there!

So how can I have an addiction if I haven’t even hooked up a television with “rabbit ears” at “The Big House”?

An addict would have AT LEAST a cheap 19 inch HDTV set up and ready to go, right??


  1. Since you're watching "The People vs.OJ Simpson", be on the lookout for this:
    One of the witnesses, stated that he was "positive of the time that he heard "Nicole's dog in distress"" because he walked HIS dog every evening between two shows on Nick at Nite.
    I remember one show he mentioned was "The Dick Van Dyke" show, I'm not positive of the other, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart?
    Anyway, I remember it because I was off work on Friday nights and watched the same Nick at Nite lineup (although different time zone), and I sincerely believed his testimony. Hahaha
    I do hope this comment makes sense?

  2. It was 'The Dick Van Dyke' show because my girlfriend at the time was a Nick @ Nite/true crime junkie and that information THRILLED her!

  3. I could have been your "girlfriend at the time"!!! Haha
    It THRILLED me too! It seems that there was a snicker from the questioning attorney/gallery, which kind of ticked me off. To me, it made him a very credible witness!

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