Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alex Masi 'Vertical Invader'

It seems that I have to force myself back into a routine with blog writing. It’s not like I have anything to write about. My brain is teeming with all sorts of recent experiences, but I’m too lazy to put fingers to the word processor. So I’m just whipping this out so I can drink the Beer of the Week from City Beverage Company on The Less Desirables podcast.

And to be totally up front, I’d rather knock things off the DVR by watching our TV screen as opposed to stringing words together to form semi-coherent sentences on a laptop.

Speaking of television, I recently purchased a small over-the-air antenna for the TV in the bedroom.

Normally, I’m opposed to having a television in the bedroom. That’s where sleeping, procreative acts, and boudoir photography take place. But I do like flipping it on first thing in the morning to hear the latest weather, news, and traffic.

We attempted to watch last Sunday’s episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ cuddled up in flannel sheets, but that plan was thwarted by one of the kids. They have impeccable timing when it comes to one of Chigger’s favorite shows. ‘Downton Abbey’ runs commercial free on PBS and once that joker starts up over-the-air, you just gotta roll with it. So as Chigger divided her attention with her first born, I hit pause on the DVR. We missed our opportunity.

Yeah, I wish we could have an over-the-air DVR. I’ve gotten to where I rely on them. But I don’t think that technology is here yet.

Why did I purchase an over-the-air antenna?

I have two reasons.

First, I have been toying with the idea of cutting the cord on satellite. Most of my shows can be found streaming somewhere. I can usually find it on the network’s webpage a day or two after the show’s premiere.

Second, I’ve been hearing about all the content on the local sub-channels that haven’t been picked up by my satellite provider. Older shows that were once the mainstay of TV Land (no longer a great network) are all over the place. WXII runs with Me-TV and WGHP runs it’s own brand of oldies along with classic movies. WFMY uses their sub-channel for 24 hour weather… Ho hum. There could be news, but I don’t know. It’s weather updates whenever I go through there.

Way to go WFMY… You’re wasting a perfectly good sub-channel to give us something we can all get on our smart phones almost instantly. That’s some awesome outside of the box thinking. That’s exactly what we need… More of Leigh Brock’s shrill voice. But I suppose they’re trying to appeal to those viewers over the age of 60 even though I haven’t seen a single commercial there. And to be honest, I only hit that channel in passing. It’s simply a waste. A damn shame. Let Eric Chilton program that baby! He knows his classic television.

I’m a little saddened that I haven’t seen ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ or ‘Green Acres’ on these sub-channels. I’ve seen their big brother counterparts advertising those personal favorites of mine on promos for the “dash twos”, but cannot seem to locate them.

Yes, there’s a digital program guide! That surprised me too!

I thought picture quality would be an issue, but it’s not. I thought WXII would be the only one coming in clear since King, NC is practically in the shadow of their tower. But all the channels are crystal clear and sharper in HD than the compressed signal coming through the satellite. I was SHOCKED! The digital age has really improved over-the-air television! I have yet to add aluminum foil to the antenna or held it while standing on one leg to get reception. It’s amazing.

I’m close to cord-cutting, but I’m just not there yet. I like the convenience of having a DVR where all my shows are stacked up and ready for consumption when I choose. I also like being able to watch the networks that cover my favorite sport, NASCAR. I like watching the hours long pre-race show on Speed and a lot of races will be on TNT and ESPN. Some I don’t mind missing, but my issues with those are best left for another blog.

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