Friday, June 04, 2010

Glucifer 'Tender Is The Savage'

It’s been over a week and I’m still real good with the Lost finale. I have no complaints. I’m good with the 24 finale as well… Hell, 24 needed to go about 2 seasons ago. I managed through it all even if I did start a couple of seasons behind.

Actually, I did the same thing with Lost. I caught on at the right time.

I’m happy to hear that V has been picked up for another season. The momentum the series had was killed by the LONG hiatus that included the Olympics.

Stupid Olympics.

ABC executives please note… Hiatuses are no longer needed in this day and age of the DVR. If someone wants to spend their time watching fringe sports like curling while they record V, let them. The show will still have that following, but they’ll just watch it a little later. Ratings are important, but more episodes equal more DVD’s sold in the future.

You also did the same thing to Flash Forward. Long hiatus equals fewer viewers on the return. Unlike V, you gave this show the ax.

I’m good with that. The show just felt like it was going nowhere. I didn’t get attached to any of the characters and I think that was show’s main problem. It left on a high note full of possibilities with another “flash forward”. It’s all left up to your own speculation and imagination.

Fringe ended real damn cool. And if you’re not watching this Fox show, do yourself a favor and get caught up before the next season. It’s a helluva ride for geeks and non-geeks.

During the past season, I became increasingly disturbed by a seemingly out-of-control trend concerning young male characters. The networks have been engaging in “Operation: Wussification”.

There are a lot of series out there with sensitive young males who are led around more by their emotions than their peckers. And that, ladies and gentleman isn’t right. It goes against the natural order of things. That’s just not the way it is in our species. Things are just understood. The males are the horn-dogs and I expect that in my movies and television. It’s been that way for a very long time.

Sure, we had our tough guys with a sensitive side… But we didn’t have 126 channels filled with “Angel” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and “James Hurley” (Twin Peaks). That excess gets disgusting and I totally blame the whole damn Twilight series of books, t-shirts, movies, shot glasses, and feminine napkins.

The young males in V and Happy Town (a fine show that is going bye-bye – see it while you can) have been making me sick. They’re just too damn sensitive. They weep and pine. They take their love troubles out on everyone else by moping around in their pre-Goth hairdos listening to whiny emo bands.

Ladies… Guys like that aren’t real life. And maybe that’s why you buy into the whole romance novel and Twilight thing… The young males being portrayed today are kind of like puppies filled with unconditional love that get big-eyed and hurt looking when they displease you.

It’s a fantasy. And the last season of television series were selling those sorts of fantasies on genres that shouldn’t have them.

The sensitive tough guy is much more believable and less alienating to the general television watching public. We like our Jack Bauer’s, our Sawyer’s, our Sayid’s, our Spike’s, and our Barney Stintson’s.

And they don't disgust us with their lack of testicular fortitude.

I’m sick of this “Operation: Wussification”. The tentacles are digging deep in every genre of television out there. Something must be done, ladies and gentleman. It’s down right disturbing. We need more “I’ll do any female in the Universe” characters like Captain Kirk.

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