Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Doobie Brothers 'Takin' It To The Streets'

It’s that time of year again. Go Triad magazine is once again letting folks decide who and what are the cream of the Triad crop. And they’ve brought back a category that had been taken out the last couple of years…

They brought back the “Best Blog” category, but they’re calling it the “Best Blogger”.

I won “Best Blog” the last year they had it on the ballot. It always filled me with pride knowing that I went out on top. I still have my two winner certificates from Go Triad that I have yet to frame. Since I don’t have an office, I just stuck them in a drawer.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m very proud of the award. I just don't have a prominent place to hang it where it can be seen by everyone.

I never campaigned for the award. Oh sure, I threw my hat into the ring by voting on my own blog, but I never asked anyone else to vote. I didn’t use the airwaves to promote myself over the radio, because it sure would look ridiculous to campaign for it and never making the cut.

I honestly didn’t expect much. I didn’t even expect an honorable mention. I was just trying to keep my writing as sharp as possible by exercising that skill.

I’m not trying to change the World or even my small little portion of it. I don’t write about “things that matter” and I tend to steer clear of political ramblings. I’ll leave that kind of “wheel grinding” to the people that truly care about it.


I just want to write. I do it for the aforementioned sharpness and for my own amusement. I see things just a little bit differently than the average person. And I sometimes use my blog to yell and scream at things. It’s a pressure release valve that keeps my head from exploding all over the living room or windshield of my truck.

I haven’t been keeping my blog up to date like I should. I lost my full-time job back in September and there’s been really nothing to write about. I have a part-time job, but I don’t get to mix it up with the outside World like I used to. It’s been difficult to find the motivation to write about experiences that I’m not having like I used to.

My television viewing has increased since losing that full-time job, but who wants to hear about Burn Notice and Rescue Me? Who wants to know that I’ve gotten so far behind on The Closer that I don’t care if I ever get caught up?

Yeah. I’m not feeling the love for The Closer this year. They killed off Brenda’s cat and replaced it with a talking teenage character thrown in to give her marriage a little conflict. Plus, I’m just not digging her methods. They seem devious and most of her cases would be thrown out of Court because of her lack of adherence to Constitutional Rights.

So you see exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Bottom line… If you’re going to vote on Go Triad’s “Best Of The Triad” poll, throw one my way. I’d appreciate it. Oh! You may even win one of the prizes!

I’m providing THIS LINK to take you to Go Triad’s website.

--Look for an update over the weekend about my Popped Peeps movement that took place nationwide (well that may be exaggerated) yesterday. There will be popped collar pictures of handsomely rugged men and one hot lady with a fashion kinky streak. The first Popped Collar Day was a moderate success.

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