Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life, Sex, Death 'The Silent Majority'

I didn’t expect to take so long to update this joker… Sorry.

We arrived in Buxton near Cape Hatteras in the early evening… And for clarification, they’re pretty much the same thing… We started the task of unpacking and situating ourselves in our motel room at the Croatian something-or-another. The place was laid out like the Bates Motel from Psycho. There were a line of about 20 rooms laid out side to side. Our accommodations were in the back (where I like it) with a skateboard park nearby.

It was wonderful! You could hear sounds of the ocean, water foul getting it on in the Sound, and Emo kids heel flipping in and around the half-pipe. I kept an ear out for the undeniable sound of a compound fracture, but came up empty.

Jamie realized something horrible… She had forgotten her clothes.

This distressed her quite a bit. So much in fact that I had to “phone a friend” to convince her that four clotheshorsemen of the Apocalypse weren’t going to send her to the bowels of hell. I brought enough T-shirts that she would be all right… Perhaps looking a little frumpy in my bigger clothes… But we’d make it.

She mistook my bag in the trunk of her car for the one she left in the bedroom. The one nowhere near the gear and luggage that was going along on the trip.

After a barrage of swear words, tears, and Michele on the phone… She calmed down and realized all would be good.

In her defense, she wasn’t feeling well. Jamie was trying to get rid of a cold that had came on suddenly. She was popping Zyban like a roomful of kids in an endless Skittles taste test.

We got up Monday morning and drove around to find a particular joint that we wanted to eat at… Pop’s I think, but I can’t remember. We found it, turned around, and made the impromptu decision to go ahead and look at the Hatteras Lighthouse.

I had no need to see it, but I know Jamie would love to snap a picture of it. For me, unless I have a burning desire to see something… Then I’m happy with just taking a look at a picture or watch it on the television. Looking at lighthouses has never thrilled me.

I like looking at pelicans and you can’t get an eyeball on them here in the Piedmont. They just look weird and alien to me, especially when they’re flying. Anyways, that’s a different story…

After spending time with other tourists who appeared to be either Canadians or AARP members, it was time to split the scene. We drove north to visit the Wright Brother’s monument in Kitty Hawk. I had been there and found it mildly entertaining, but Jamie had never been.

We were starting to feel hungry before we got to Kill Devil Hills so we started looking for a place to fill our void. We passed by several establishments until I saw a Five Guys. We don’t have one in Greensboro, but it’s highly recommend by Jeff Kay ( I cut across 2 lanes of traffic and slid Jamie’s Taurus into the parking lot and rocked to a stop perfectly parked between two painted lines with a frightened pregnant woman a few feet from the bumper. It was a thing of beauty! Robby Gordon would have been jealous.

We went inside to find it crowded with peanut shells on the floor and a short line of people placing their orders. Looking at the massive wads of aluminum wrapped burgers (large), we both decided to go with the smaller size. They listed two different sizes of fresh cut fries, small and large. I decided to get a large for the two of us to share.

They called our order number for us to pick up. I lifted the bag and that joker felt as heavy as a cantaloupe. When I got it to the table and looked inside, all I could see were French fries. They stuff a large Styrofoam cup overfilled with fries in there with 2 burgers and fill the remaining space in the bag with more fries. There were enough fries in there to feed a car full of clowns!

We ended up taking the fries home because I’m not a wasteful kind of person. In retrospect, that was a mistake.

--Next update: I’ll touch on Kitty Hawk and my mistake.

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