Sunday, April 05, 2009

Black Sabbath 'Dehumanizer'

It’s about time for an update, don’t you think?

Has anyone been watching the current season of 24?

I don’t hear anyone talking about it anymore, but then again, I don’t listen to morning radio these days. I also don’t really have a water cooler to stand around and talk with coworkers about television shows.

I’m not sure if the Jack Bauer character has always been the way he is this current season… But he’s becoming a caricature and a drinking game. He’s always repeating himself at a high volume. He’ll say something like “Tell me now” and when the person doesn’t cooperate he’ll say it louder. It’s almost laughable. Keifer’s acting is becoming a lot like Nicolas Cage’s who seemingly has an agent that searches out scripts for him to yell from time to time.

I suppose that’s the only way to become a respected and seasoned actor… Yelling.

24 has a drinking game built in. Just take a swig after Bauer barks a repeated line. You’ll be hammered in no time.

Another drinking game and laughable character is the current Madame President.

Before I begin with my thoughts on that character, lets back up a bit...

I’m a conspiracy minded person and I believe that the powerful 1% control what we see, hear, and read. In a sense, the general population are sheep and will gladly fall in line with whatever those people in power put before us.

24 became an instant success. Millions of viewers loved watching Jack Bauer every week. Those millions also didn’t mind a black President. The viewers saw a gutsy, admirable President Palmer. The character was so well liked that he lasted a few seasons on the show. The show’s ideals have always pushed the right wing philosophy. Even Palmer seemed like a Grand Ol’ Partier.

The puppet masters running things got the American population primed and ready to accept a black man running for President even if he lacked the political experience. The sheep were ready for “change”. The sheep didn’t realize that those pulling the strings already had Obama’s steamroller warmed up in the garage and ready to roll. The sheep have seen a black President on their television sets and he was cool… So why not?

And if I had a nickel for every person that I have personally heard say “Anybody but Bush” (or seen it on a bumper sticker), I’d have at least nine dollars and thirty-five cents. The sheep were primed and ready to give Obama and the Democrats a shot in the high office.

Politics are just a parlor game to keep the sheep busy and occupied while the puppet masters keep working on their agenda. After all, the Fox Networks are right wing and they’ve helped pave the way for the Democrats and Obama with 24. “Hope” and “change” have seemingly been provided, but look a little closer. It’s all smoke and mirrors with no real change.

Obama was handed a big pile of crap to work with. But the big pile of crap is designed that way. Obama has a lot of the same string pullers that Clinton had in his camp. They’re folks that know the agenda and that have little regard for the sheep. Unfortunately, Obama is set to fail and the American public will have a bad taste left in their mouths after he leaves office. That’s the way it’s designed to be.

Just take a look at broken campaign promises and some of the things that Obama’s already done since taking office. Many of the things that have been done are meant to devalue the American dollar in order to bring the United States down to the level with the rest of the World to help usher in the NWO. Those in power want a global community.

If you don’t believe me, listen to how much you hear the word “global” these days.

But back to 24‘s Madame President…

Those in power are now pushing a woman President and that character has me laughing my ass off every week.


The character seems ridiculously stupid. She’s constantly asking questions and she’ll even answer questions with questions. And you can totally get hammered with a Madame President drinking game… Just tilt the bottle whenever she asks a question. I lost count during last week’s episode after 11 questions and that was within the first 20 minutes of the show.

Does this mean they’re preparing the American public for a female President?

I don’t think so. They’re making President Taylor (Madame President) so stupid that it will sour the idea of a woman in that real-life role. She’s gotten rid of a trusted advisor while pulling in her little bitchy daughter that looks ready to stick a shiv right between her mother’s shoulder blades. Madame President only makes bold decisions after running it by a few men. Once the daughter starts influencing her decisions there will be serious backlash.


Because Madame President has been painted up as weak and stupid.

But the season isn’t over… There’s a chance she’ll become a little more intelligent. I just wouldn’t put any money on it.

For those that disagree, feel free to leave a comment.

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