Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tina Turner 'What's Love Got To Do With It'

I got to see Watchmen during its second weekend in the theaters and it was worth the 20 year wait. Yeah, I’m a geek… But ‘Watchmen’ was and is one of the greatest comics/graphic novels ever produced (the other would be ‘V For Vendetta’).

If you’d like to see how much of a geek I was about ‘Watchmen’, just check out my MySpace page. Look at the pictures of me hanging out with the staff of Rock 92 during the early days… Say around 1988 or so… I’m the “cute girl” in the denim jacket on the left that’s being kissed by “Boy Doug”.

Take a look at the area of my left lapel and you’ll clearly see a blood-streaked Comedian button… For those who do not know; a smiley-face button with a drop of blood over the right eye.

I forced Jamie to see it with me along and exposing her to all things geek. She enjoyed it enough that she’s now reading the book.

During our screening, Jamie’s cell phone rang. I leaned over to her and said, “If this were opening day… All kinds of stuff would be thrown at you.”

Comic geeks don’t fool around when it comes to film adaptations of their graphic heroes. When I went with my buddy Sean Whitley on opening day of the first Spider-Man flick, someone’s cell phone rang through the excited chatter going on in the auditorium.

“TURN OFF CELL PHONES!” shouted a group in the back. And this was before they darkened the joint to show trailers.

Of course someone else’s phone rang during the trailer extravaganza before the feature presentation and the geek group sounded bigger and even demonic with their throaty voices booming, “TURN OFF CELL PHONES!!!”

Thankfully for Jamie and I, there were only 2 other people in the 11am Sunday showing of The Watchmen. They must not have liked it, because during the last hour or so of the nearly 3 hour film, we had the auditorium to ourselves.

I loved Watchmen! It was nearly perfect and very true to the novel.

One unbelievably astounding complaint that I’ve heard and read about the film… “It’s too much like the book”

That just blows me away, ladies and gentlemen.

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Netflix. My only complaint was not seeing the retired second generation Night Owl kicking serious ass with his retired potbelly. I just found that funny while reading and viewing the book.

Oh well… My inner geek is extremely pleased with Watchmen.

After the film, Jamie and I paid our respects to the porcelain gods with golden streams of held water… And I found two things disturbing me at The Grande in Winston-Salem (off University Parkway near Highway 52) while she presented her offering…

The design of the place is crazy! The waiting and refreshment area is huge It has a very high ceiling. The bathrooms located across from the snack counter have no doors.

First thought that popped into my head… Can you imagine how many ass-plosions the counter staff hear per day?

There are lulls between screenings of all the films shown at those complexes. That area isn’t always teeming with activity and someone sometime during the day is going to have to offer all they have to those porcelain gods with great noise and praise.

It MUST be funny as hell!

The other thing that I found disturbing while waiting for Jamie… Why are teenage males trying to look like supermodels from the 1960’s?

There was this cat running around in a hat that looked like Pikachu was trying to swallow him, pegged jeans, and one of those stupid - STUPID! - Emo hairstyles where it looks like the back of your head blew off and your hair all went forward.

The kid had to be 14 or 15 and it was all I could do to keep from staring in disbelief. Because I know… I KNOW… If I were to take a picture of him that very moment and presented it to him twenty years later, he’d be one embarrassed thirty-something mofo.

Don’t we all have those types of pictures where we question ourselves about what the hell we were thinking?

My biggest problem wasn’t the Emo hairstyle that caused me to turn around so I could laugh under my breath (pegged jeans don’t bother me so much)… It was the Pikachu hat.

Again… He looked to be about 14 or 15 and WELL over the Pikachu age limit. His hairstyle and pegged jeans gave him that angst kind of look I’m sure he was going for, but the hat totally offset that.

I imagined him sitting with his skateboard in a police station waiting for his parents after getting busted for vandalism, shoplifting, or anything else kids get popped for looking like an overgrown six-year-old.

His friend looked like a normal guy… Jeans, t-shirt (I think it was a Doors shirt), jacket, along with a normal type of hairstyle. He looked like the kind of timeless teenager that won’t cower in fear when someone breaks out a photo album twenty years from now.

Oh well… There’s something to be said about the unintentional and mildly entertaining folks that walk by our everyday lives. I’m just not sure I know exactly what to say.

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