Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cheap Trick 'At Budakon: 30th Anniversary Edition'

As I wrote yesterday, I am without my beloved DirecTV. My television sits silent for the majority of the day. I only turn that sexy joker on to watch a DVD or play my Zune MP3 player through it. I don’t have a docking station for it yet and my Vizio makes a very good sound system. The Zune connects easily with some RCA connecters.

I got to thinking about my DirecTV and how it affects my unemployed budget. Since NASCAR is out of season, there’s no real reason I need to subscribe to satellite service. Oh sure, there’s still plenty of first run shows… But guess what?

I can see them online and shift those funds to temporary liquid assets, if you get my drift. I also have movies and other shows available to view with my Netflix subscription.

Watching the new episodes online cuts the amount of time in front of the tube and the excessive exposure to commercials. Commercials are one of the reasons that I recorded just about everything to watch at a later time. You guessed it… So I can skip the 8 or 9 minutes of advertising during a half hour show. Double that for hour long shows.

Think about it… If I’m watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (and I do every week) online… I’m basically seeing one and a quarter minutes to five minutes of advertising on the Fox website. Compare that to 17 to 18 minutes watching it on my local Fox affiliate. And (!) I’m saving money without my subscription to DirecTV.

But when February rolls back around, I’ll be getting my DirecTV back. I’ve got to have my NASCAR!

I start getting severe withdrawal symptoms in mid-January. It gets so bad sometimes that I’ll find myself sitting beside I-85 with a cooler full of beer looking for a 20 car pileup. And without Daytona testing in January next year to steady me up… I could be driving up and down I-85 looking to give someone a taste of my bumper for my fix.

Since I may not be working… I’ll have that extra time on my hands.

--While shopping this week with Christine, I picked up my musical choice of the day. I’ve been aching to get this mofo in my collection, but I had to wait until the right moment. I had a gift card and Best Buy had it on sale for half off. I gave in quicker than Eddie Murphy surrounded by transvestites.

The clip is from the DVD part of the collection. It’s great to finally see it so clear. I’ve seen bootlegs of the show that will give you an idea how glaucoma affects one’s eyes. It was like watching a concert through a steamed up window.

This Budakon collection is well worth the money at any price… But if you can find a deal like I got… Jump. Jump. Jump on it!

Here’s one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs from that DVD. Enjoy.


  1. We have Directv & only watch a very few channels. Back when we moved out to the country, there was no cable. It's here now. I could do without Directv. I tend to either watch Netflix or a few shows online. My son absolutely loves the NFL channel and only Directv carries it. I guess that's my gift to him. He could be watching worse things and I'm sure he does though he says he's the only kid at his high school who hasn't seen SuperBad.

  2. I only dug the NFL channel when that was the only place to catch the Redskins game. It was the only time Chris Kelly has ever been jealous over anything I had... Besides good looks and the ability to date gorgeous ladies out of my league... He couldn't get the NFL channel exclusive Thursday night games on TWC! Ah-ha-ha-ha (think evil here)!

    Have you seen Superbad?

    It was kind of a waste of time... Unless you're 13 and cherish dick jokes.

  3. I thought it was pretty funny. I must be a 13 year old at heart.

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I'm a little late commenting on your last post.

    I must say that I enjoy Christmas.

    Our church was put in contact with a family that used to live close to you when you lived in your trailer off of Pisgah Church. You may know them. It is a husband, wife, and three kids. He is paralyzed from the waist down, she stays home to care for him, and their oldest son, around 20, is the only provider.

    The little boy, about 6-7, only wanted a truck for Christmas. The little girl, she was 10, wanted a pair of flip flops.

    We are fortunate at our church. When our members see a need they will help.

    This family was pointed out to us because of someone paying a little more attention during Christmas.

    We were able to provide a very nice Christmas for this family. We will be checking with our source again in the spring to see if they have any more needs.

    So...I wish you and everyone a Merry Christmas. Mine was brightened considerably this year.

  5. Anonymous10:07 AM

    i won a copy of the Cheap Trick Budokan box online in a contest, and have yet to watch it.

    Interestingly- you can get the video portion for only 9.99 on itunes.

    I already have the other crap multiple times....I think cheap trick is besting John Denver in repackaging the same crap over and over....and he is dead, so they will soon overtake him.

    ... I blame your ex-girlfriend and her damn Gene Simmons makeup.

    Had I not won it, I would have forked out the ten bucks and foregone all the cds...

    merry holidays eugene.