Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motorhead 'Anthology'

I’m a little groggy from last night. I drank a few beers and didn’t go to bed until late. The Furniture Market is happening in High Point and it can be a party, my friends.

Just to clarify; I drank the beer during the KC & The Sunshine Band’s performance, but the staying up late occurred at my home in front of a television. I wasn’t getting my party on with various out-of-towners from around the world and I wasn’t the main attraction in a cougar filled hotel room (sadly). I spent the late hours of my day watching Chuck recorded earlier that evening.

I was highly disappointed with KC & The Sunshine Band. They came on like a bad act three streets away from the main strip in Vegas. There were scantily clad dancers wedged into “Daisy Dukes” (not that I minded at all) and only one original member of the Sunshine Band.

What disappointed me the most were the lack of KC hits in the cover heavy set.

Yeah! The man has an arm length list of hits and he’s doing covers. No “Shotgun Shuffle”. No “Queen Of Clubs”. No “Lets Go Rock and Roll”. No “Wrap Your Arms Around Me”. And NO “Keep It Comin’ Love”!

It was like the time David Cassidy portrayed Boone Vincent on Malcolm In The Middle. It was a very sad experience for me as a fan of KC & The Sunshine Band to see them perform like a bad Vegas act.

KC admitted that he was 57 years old and I wasn’t surprised. His voice still packed a punch, but he was sweating like a frozen steak left out to thaw. The Guy was sweating through his shirts so bad that he was allowing the audience to know about his “wife beater” undergarments.

The night wasn’t a loss at all. I met up with some old friends and cohorts from my days at Capitol Records. Louie, Lonnie, and Susan. Louie is on the left and Susan took the other pictures. My cell phone just didn’t take good pictures from where we were standing.

While waiting to empty my bladder… I ran into Will Bastard. The guy is all over the place! He amazes me. I just never know where to expect him to show up.

Tonight may be a different story… Peter Frampton is performing tonight. The same Capitol Crew will be there and afterwards, I’ll be getting up with some friends that I don’t see a whole lot. My good friend Jeff Baker (Jimmy’s Pizza in High Point-drop in and say hello) and maybe Tracy Thornton along with Jon Sullivan, Ricky Johnson, and a list of who knows. Should be a good time indeed.

Here’s a YouTube video from today’s musical choice… Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    looked for you at Frampton last night.
    great show.


  2. I looked for you at KC... Frampton's show was CROWDED!