Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leatherwolf 'Street Ready'

I must admit. Not working has made me a bit lazy about updating this here blog o’ mine. My day just isn’t filled with crazy stuff to throw out there for all to read. There’s not a whole lot happening in my life to entertain the readership… A-hem.

Grain of salt folks.

Are you really sick and tired of all the political ads on television?

I’m sure you are.

Because I see John McCain so much these days, my eyes have been opened to a crazy resemblance. To me… McCain looks like Casper The Friendly Ghost.

McCain is ghastly white. He doesn’t appear to be all that tall and he seems friendly enough. After all, he spent some time in a POW camp and has managed to come out without going on a killing spree.

And like I have pointed out before… Obama’s posters scare me. They remind me of postage stamps from Third World dictatorships. The only thing missing is a military hat atop Barack’s head.

--I am seriously, SERIOUSLY, obsessed with increasing my Zune play numbers. I let the player run constantly on the computer to increase the play count. I’m obsessed with the stats on the top artist plays… Robert Plant leads the pack and there’s a neck and neck race with Baltimore bad boys Kix against Greensboro’s own Benj-O-Matic.

For some reason, my Zune really has an engorged member for some Fats Domino. I loaded up Fats’ box set and it never fails to play a handful of his tunes. And I must admit, Fats Domino is pretty bitchin’!

To increase my numbers, I listened to my Zune during the NASCAR race and Washington Redskins game while the player on the PC kept racking up numbers. Yeah, the Zune player itself counts its amount of plays.

As Stimpy has been quoted as saying… “Joy o’ joy!”

I finally earned two Zune badges. That’s two more than I ever earned or wanted to during my short time in the Cub Scouts. At least with my Zune, I don’t have to take part in any camping activity or humanitarian effort. The Zune is truly a wonderful device!

You can check out what I’ve been listening to at the very bottom of this page or on my MySpace page. Feel free to keep checks on my sickness. Your pity is gladly accepted.

And if you have a Zune… Join me.

That’s about all for this update… Through my network of liars and backstabbers (that’s a Jeff Kayism), I’ve managed to get into a couple of the High Point Furniture Market’s concerts coming up in the next few days.

Monday night it’s KC & The Sunshine Band!

Then it’s Peter Frampton on Tuesday night!

Let Heaven and nature sing!

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