Friday, August 29, 2008

Rolling Stones 'Bigger Bang'

I found my 7 year old nephew Preston sitting in front of the computer wearing only shorts. I didn’t think anything about it until I saw his pants and shirt thrown across a nearby chair.

So I had to ask, “Are you wearing boxer shorts, Preston?”

“Yes,” he said.

“So you like boxer shorts? How long have you been wearing them?” I asked.

“I love ‘em,” he said. “I don’t like tighty whities.”

I had to know… “Why do you like boxer shorts?”

“I get a most unusual breeze,” he said flatly.

--I’ve never been one to wear jewelry. I won’t wear gold because quite frankly, in my opinion… Gold doesn’t look good on white folk. If I wear something, it’s got to be silver.

My mother gave me a steel bracelet back in 2006 for Christmas. It’s nothing fancy, so I immediately liked it and I have been wearing it since. My arm feels naked without it.

It rarely happens, but sometimes the latch pops and it falls off. I’ve always managed to find it again.

I nearly lost it one time after working a remote. I just retraced all my steps. I searched all the vehicles I was in that day. I found it on the ground where we close up the station trucks behind our building.

I’ve awakened to find the bracelet gone, but with a quick look around the bed I find it easily.

The most popular way my bracelet comes loose… Getting snagged on my clothing.

Since I’m right-handed, I thought I would move it over to my left arm because it’s the least busier of the two upper appendages. There’s less of a chance that it will get caught or snagged on something. I think it’s a wise move.

Here’s the thing that surprises me… No one has noticed.

I thought for sure that a woman at work would notice right off the bat, but NOOOoooooo!

I notice the slightest changes in hairstyles with my female coworkers. I notice new clothing on the ladies. I notice how certain colors make them look even more fantastic. I compliment them on the things that most men overlook.

My lady coworkers have told me that I spot the seemingly obvious things that their husbands never notice.

I guess I expected too much. And I’m hurt, dammit.

--I’ve pulled the plug on one of my television shows that I watch through Netflix. The third season of Monk got to be too silly and over-the-top. The plots got to be too ridiculous. I just couldn’t take it anymore and my suspension of disbelief crashed.

I’m now working on season one of Freakazoid!. I loved it when it was on WB Kids, but I have to check it out thoroughly before I purchase it.

Netflix call out for friends:

Have a great and safe weekend!


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    You lost your bracelet? Too bad I read this first because I guarantee I would have noticed. :)

  2. I agree about gold. I got my rings re-set in white gold.