Sunday, August 17, 2008

New York Dolls 'The Return Of The New York Dolls : Live From Royal Festival Hall 2004'

Have you ever noticed that certain things pop up and keep popping up in order to get us to notice why it’s acting like an attention starved groundhog?

I’ve been dealing with that for the past few days.

I keep seeing the New York Dolls everywhere.

It started on Thursday. I had my Zune player on random and songs from the New York Dolls’ latest release (‘One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This’) kept popping up.

On Friday, I cycled around to next week’s daily CD listening rotation and the live reunion album from 2004 reared its monstrous and glamy head. An album that’s good, but one that I’ve only listened to once.

On Saturday, I all at once received 5 discs that had been delayed because of Netflix distribution problems. One of them was a documentary called New York Doll. The film follows Arthur “Killer” Kane when the New York Dolls reunite for a concert in London.

It was intriguing and engaging. I highly recommend it.

I first heard of the New York Dolls during KISS’ 1970 heydays. KISS and the Dolls were in direct competition during the early to mid-seventies in New York’s music scene. Glam rock was getting bigger, bolder, and uglier during the early part of that decade. KISS just took the makeup to an extreme and it took them to the top. Whereas the Dolls were glammed-up in drag and looked as ugly as the city that spawned them. The New York Dolls didn’t package themselves for profit. They weren’t out to sell lunch boxes or transistor radios. The New York Dolls wrote catchy tunes that were rough around the edges and punk before it anyone knew what “punk” was.

My musical choice of the day turned out to be the live reunion album from 2004 that I pulled on Friday. And it managed to pop up the day after I watched the New York Doll documentary about Arthur “Killer” Kane.

Whatever you know or don’t know about glam rock or the New York Dolls, check out the documentary New York Doll. You’ll get a taste of an underground legend’s life. Kane’s quiet bus-commuting Mormon days are disrupted and he finds himself back on stage for a New York Dolls reunion.

New York Doll is a great documentary.

Or for those of you that like reality shows… New York Doll is a great 90 minute show.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix. And if you’re a Netflix’er… We can be Netflix friends…


  1. That is the first time I've ever heard a New York Dolls song. I can't say I really liked it. I liked Buster Poindexter in the late 80s if it's any consolation :)

  2. Well Scorp...

    I would've easily placed a bet that you wouldn't like the New York Dolls. And I would have won BIG!