Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stratocruiser 'Egg Shells'

Okay… I’m going to gripe.

For those I personally know… That won’t come as a surprise to you.

Netflix is going to change their policy on how many queues you can have under your registered name.

You won’t be able to keep a separate list for your kid. And it’s important to have that little feature because as we all know… Kids can watch some crap. Thundercats, Dora The Explorer, some Japanimation series, or a Hannah Montana feature commercial.

Your significant other needs that separate list. Depending on your situation… Who wants Jean Claude Van Damm, Project Runway, or Gone With The Wind showing up in the mashed up list?

I’m just not sure that I want to know everything about them.

What’s killing me about Netflix’s rollback of a popular feature… I had to destroy my television queue.

Yes. I’ve already pulled the trigger on that SOB.

Netflix gave me some appointed time in September to have all my affairs in order before they cock the hammer back.

I acted quickly and put that baby to sleep. I didn’t want to lose anything on that list. I put that bitch Six Feet Under on my unified queue. Star Trek: Voyager will take me where no man (or woman) has gone before. I shall leave no Gilmore Girls behind!

So now I’m trying to find the balance in my Netflix world again. The perfect mix of new releases, classics, older movies that I’ve never seen, and television shows.

I have a system in place and we’ll see how it goes.

--While watching season one of The Untouchables… I have found myself obsessed with the dimension of the studio sets. I want to have a physical idea of how big those studio sets are.

I’ll watch Robert Stack walk a straight line from the front door to the couch and count his steps. Then I will walk that same amount of steps from one point of my house to another so I can gauge the size of that set.

Is that crazy or what?

The Untouchables also reminded me about a fad that went on during the 30’s. A fad that a lot of you youngsters may have never heard about or want to emulate… Flag pole sitting.

There were famous flagpole sitters that traveled around the country and made money for their appearances and demonstrations. One of them helped Eliot Ness and his boys spy on some gangsters. Jackstraw Wilson paid the ultimate price to help Eliot Ness and The Untouchables capture the entire Renaldo gang along with imported, bloodthirsty killers from various points on the Globe.

And the sad thing… Jackstraw Wilson was killed while wearing a clown suit.

It was all real!

Renaldo not only tried to put the hit on the Fed’s star witness, but he went after his family and broke his little girl’s legs using a truck. The little girl liked to dance and was good at it too.

The star witness was Renaldo’s accountant that kept nothing on paper or in ledgers. He kept it all in his head. And he kept it to the penny against two accountants with adding machines.

I’m digging The Untouchables.


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Well that just sucks!

  2. I'm a Blockbuster guy myself, but it still sucks!