Saturday, June 28, 2008

Duffy 'Rockferry'

I could have lost an eye today.

Most of us take our eyes for granted. We wake up and look at the world with blurry vision until the day comes into view.

It’s easy to take for granted because we don’t think about it. That is, until you pop open a bottle of beer by using a fence post instead of an opener.

The bottle I opened created a loud “POP” sound while the cap rocketed towards my cheek. The sharp metal edges hit my face and I thought I could have opened up some skin. I checked for any blood by using my fingers to feel the place where the cap left its sting. There was no breakage of skin and no blood.

I thought to myself… Thank Holly Hobbie I had my glasses on because if that thing hadda hit my eye… I don’t even want to think about it.

This is a lesson to the kids… If you’re going to pop open a bottle of beer without an opener… Please wear some eye protection.

--My parents gave me an Ion USB turntable for Christmas last year.

It’s a turntable that you plug directly into the computer to transfer old LP’s into MP3’s. It’s supposed to make it simple for computer idiots like me.

I have put off setting it up because I wanted to get a laptop. That way, the turntable would remain in a stationary position while the laptop would always be on the move.

Well… My television gave up the ghost last February and those new fangled Hi Def TV’s cost more than champion race horses. The acquisition of a laptop computer has been pushed back indefinitely.

Now I’m entertaining the idea of setting it up and transferring some old LP’s into the digital domain on the PC. So I pulled out an old LP from my collection that has yet to be replaced by a CD… Dokken’s ‘Tooth And Nail'.

I pulled the vinyl disc from the sleeve and gave it a quick inspection before putting it on an old fashioned stereo turntable. I found the LP itself in great condition with no obvious scratches. Record geeks would find the vinyl in near M- (mint minus) condition.

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t listened to ‘Tooth And Nail’ for at least 15 years. And I’ve forgotten just how good an album it is!

Sure… It’s poppy, melodic hard rock with bad hair styles and bandanas, but it’s some damn good stuff! The collection of songs represents “good lovin’ gone bad” types of scenarios (“Just Got Lucky”, “Heartless Heart”), questions about religion (“When Heaven Comes Down”), revisiting a failed relationship (“Into The Fire”), and ends with a quick dive into casual misogynistic sex (“Bullets To Spare”) that provides no real solution (“Alone Again”).

‘Tooth And Nail’ is a fine example of what was right with “hair metal”. The songs hit you in the gut while they sang to you with sweet melody. It’s easy to find yourself pounding out the beats while singing along to simple Motown-esque songs like “Heartless Heart”.

It’s simple and to the point. An enjoyable album that I had long forgotten about.

Here’s the video for “Just Got Lucky” for your enjoyment…

According to the legend surrounding the making of the video... George Lynch performs his solo on a volcanic site. There were poinsonous gases in the air and a slight eruption shortly after the completion of that shooting.

That ladies and gentlemen is rock n' roll.

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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    If it wasn't George's noodleing fret work that reignited that volcano, it MUST have been his hair!