Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sammy Hagar 'The Best Of Sammy Hagar'

At first, I couldn’t care less if Hollywood writers went on strike. I agreed with the writers “give us our pennies” kind of demands against the “wiping our asses with Benjamins derived from your work” types of executives. I just didn’t care how long it took to resolve the situation. I had Netflix and by-Harriett, I could survive a strike. I could live without new shows and movies. There were tons of things already out there that I could watch until those jokers came to a resolution.

Ladies and gentleman… I was a fool to believe that it wouldn’t affect me.

To give you and idea about how I missed things over this past television season… I couldn’t tell you one person’s name from American Idol. Not that I’m a viewer (I can’t stand the show)… It’s just that I’ve been totally out of touch.

If you put a running chainsaw up to my crotch and demand that I name a contestant from the 2008 season of American Idol or else… You’d get a blood spattered shirt and chewed up man-meat all over your shoes.

I totally had no idea when Lost returned with new episodes. I had heard that it was returning, but never figured that it would show up on a different night.

I tried to watch an episode after I had already missed two and it just didn’t work. I bailed on my beloved Lost.

Now I’m just going to wait until the current season (is it over?) comes out on DVD.

I have even been missing out on the new season of Battlestar Galactica. But I’m getting caught up by watching the previously aired shows on the Sci-Fi website.

And sadly… With so much time between seasons, I’ve gotten a little lost in the big soupy BSG mythos. I’ve forgotten things. I can’t remember why certain characters do the things they do. I guess I should have watched the little “here’s what’s happening” show to get reacquainted with its style.

I missed a few episodes of Reaper, Medium, and Supernatural… But those weren’t a big deal. Sure, there was a story arch with each of those, but there was nothing going on that I couldn’t catch up with. It was easy to fill in the holes.

Oh well.

--Today’s musical selection is a Sammy Hagar collection of his Capitol Records stuff from the 70’s. All I can say is this… A damn fine reason to acquire a little tinnitus.

A great (and out of print) CD to blast while doing a little aggressive driving. Suggested cuts for those of you willing to shell out a little dinero for downloads…

“I’ve Done Everything For You” (he wrote it, not Rick Springfield)
“Cruising’ & Boozin’”
“Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)”
“Bad Motor Scooter”


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    E, you know I don't need music for aggressive driving, lol..

  2. Anonymous7:33 PM


    If you had a DVR, you wouldn't miss shows when they switch 'em up for you, because you can set it up to record all new episodes of your favorites. You can watch them when it's convenient. You can zip through the commercials. You can rewind and pause live TV.

    You can catch old Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performances even when they're on at 3:00 am.

    Get a DVR, man! Now excuse me, I have to go and have a TVgasm.

  3. I have DirecTV. But I don't have a land line. A land line is necessary with a DirecTV DVR.

    There's the rub.