Monday, June 02, 2008

Peter Gabriel 'So'

If I were ever concerned about my estrogen levels skyrocketing and causing my breasts to grow… This weekend should have put the kibosh on those notions. Not only did I watch some more of Gilmore Girls (season two), but I ventured off to the Carmike Cinema to see Sex And The City: The Movie with my friend (and frequent commenter) Christine. No noticeable breast increase, no desire to buy expensive and frivolous shoes, or a need for a Brazilian. The male parts still work and no additional accessories popped out over the weekend.

The only thing I felt during Sex And The City: The Movie was a desire to get out of the theater.

I didn’t like the film. I felt that it was contrived and unfunny for the most part. Seeing a dog humping pillows and stuff toys may be “hilarious” the first time… But when you do it three times… That’s just going to the well too many times.

Did the folks in the theater laugh every time?

Yes they did. Why? I don’t know. I guess that watching the juvenile Jackass movies may have desensitized my funny bone.

Sex And The City: The Movie quickly stalled for me. I was looking at my watch after 45 minutes. That proved two things for me… The show worked better as a show running just about 30 minutes and television shows should never go back.

How many great reunion movies or shows exist out there?

The majority of them suck… The Beverly Hillbillies, The Wild, Wild West, Leave It To Beaver, Green Acres, 90210 (never saw it, I’m just being a judgmental prick), and the worst of the bunch… The Andy Griffith Show reunion movie, Return To Mayberry.

And The Brady Bunch kept trying and trying and got nothing but SUCKcess… The Brady Bunch Variety HourThe Brady Girls Get Married which led to the horrible show The Brady Brides… That horrible series where Mike Brady was running for Senate… The Bradys gave ‘em hell, but it all sucked.

Christine didn’t agree with me. She loved the movie. She said that I didn’t like Sex And The City: The Movie because I was a guy and that I had nothing vested in it. Christine played “the ovary card”.

I didn’t like it because it was boring and unfunny. It’s as simple as that.

Just a side note here… There’s a scene with a guy showering in front of Samantha… It’s nice to see the ladies getting some male nudity for a change. Be prepared ladies… This guy’s unit is as large as a Hyundai on the big screen. You could choke on your popcorn or Sno-Caps.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Don't misquote me, Eugene.

    I said that, as a man, you were never and could never be as vested in the characters' happiness as are the women who loved the show. Being a man, you just can't relate to the situations and emotions in the same way. You can like the show, even love it, but you'll never get inside the characters - feeling for them and with them - the way women can.

    The movie played to its targeted audience very well, as evidenced by the laughter coming from everyone but you. To say it wasn't your cup of tea is accurate - "boring and unfunny" isn't. Faulting the movie for not playing to you when you're not even close to the its targeted demographic is self-important bullshit.

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    PS: Did we see the same shower scene? Because I don't recall any frontal nudity.

  3. Are you blind???

    Sure, the guy's stick of sausage was only out there for a few seconds... Guess you were looking at his ass.