Sunday, June 08, 2008

Iron Maiden 'Piece Of Mind'

How about today’s musical selection?

My stupid system of selecting daily musical choices really paid off today. Lady Luck surely picked out a selection worthy of rediscovery. I had no idea just how good this Iron Maiden’s ‘Piece Of Mind’ is. I’ve always liked it, but I never really listened to it.

I will always maintain that ‘Killers’ is the true classic Iron Maiden release.

There’s some great jams on ‘Piece Of Mind’… “Where Eagles Dare” (the opening track), “Flight Of Icarus” (the closet thing resembling a single), “Revelations”, and “The Trooper”.

Iron Maiden are basically a kick ass southern rock band. They can flat out work you like rough sex and seduce you further with their dual guitar pyrotechnics. There’s a musical jam-gasm in every one of the songs that I listed.

But lets not forget that Iron Maiden also have a fine ear for melody… A fact that can easily be overlooked and dismissed because of their dark album covers. Iron Maiden are great songwriters. Songwriters that steer away from “cock” rocking anthems about sexual conquests. Instead, they look to classic literature, religion, mythologies, and world history for inspiration.

I remember walking the hallways of Northwest Guilford High School in Iron Maiden t-shirts. I remember some of the looks that I got from folks that were buying up Duran Duran at the time.

And I must admit that I didn’t see the genius of ‘Rio’ until I was much older. But you’ll never be able to convince me about the importance of Kajagogo.

Anyways… Iron Maiden apparel will usually label you as a freakish blemish on the face of society. Someone that may torture puppies and worship the devil. Someone that would sooner drink a bottle of liquor in church than help an old woman across the street.

Hey… Maybe I’m halfway there already?

--I had a great time reconnecting with old friends last night at Greene Street in down town Greensboro. It was great to see all the friends that gathered for the Busted Uncle and Spank show. Busted Uncle and Spank are comprised with some of Winston-Salem’s best hard rock stalwarts.

And it was kind of cool to chat it up with some folks that I didn’t expect or want to see. It was good to have a front seat on the “time heals all wounds” express and see its magic up close and personal.

--Here's a little Iron Maiden for ya to enjoy:


  1. How appropriate, too, since I just played "The Trooper" on my show last Wednesday. It's easily one of the best songs in their entire catalogue. And you better believe that I play "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (from Powerslave) when I teach the poem in my classes.

    They're genuinely a fantastic band to listen to.

  2. Glad to hear that Maiden found their way onto "J's Indie Rock Mayhem" on WQFS 90.9 FM / Guilford College Radio!

  3. Glad you did the shameless plug so I didn't have to. :) I will also add - "Wednesday nights from 6pm - 8pm!"