Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kix 'Kix Are For Kids' (CD compilation by Eugene B. Sims)

This is going to be a quick hit and run type of update…

I had a last minute remote today over in Walnut Cove.

Now I have nothing against the smaller towns… I just have a few observations.

Why do townies have to come to almost a complete stop when making either a right or a left turn?

The sh*t baffles me to no end. Perhaps they think that the slightest little bit of inertia will send their vehicles ass over t*ts? Or maybe they’ll spill over their spittoons?

I don’t know and it bugs me to no end. Forgive me for stereotyping, but you’d think the more rural type would want to emulate Dale Earnhardt Jr. by sliding sideways into the Food Lion.

Wake up and live the dream, people!

And what’s up with the women over the age of 45 in small towns?

It’s like they give up any sort of femininity by cutting their hair short, wearing no make up, and dressing like hardcore lesbians. No wonder all the small towns are dying… The cougars there all look like Gary Busey!

I’d surely die a widower or a confirmed bachelor if I lived in a small town.

To pick on my very own West Virginian heritage… I can totally see why some dudes would jump their nieces with ladies strutting ‘round like that! I’m not saying it’s forgivable… I’m just saying that I can understand.

Before I go… Bradford “Hinzy” Hines? If you’re reading this… Then you know that I’ve made you a best of Kix mix CD.

The title of each blog is the musical choice of the day for me. I’ve been listening to this particular collection for the past 2 days with the windows down and the Kix blaring!

Here's a video of my favorite Kix song... "Cold Shower". It's the edited version of the song referred to as the "single mix". I feel that it's lacking because I hear the edits, but it will get my point across about the elements of funk mixed with blistering hard rock. And pay attention to the bass player... Doesn't he look like a cross between Gilligan (Gilligan's Island) and Keith Richards?