Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Madonna 'The Immaculate Collection'

I had no idea that the Dick Broadcasting Company had a spring cleaning every year. Yeah… I have been employed by the company for over 5 years and I’m just now learning about it?

I don’t know if I should feel slighted or lucky.

After last Friday… I decided to let my emotions fall like a drunken teenager onto the lucky side.

We have one of those long, rollback type of dumpsters in our parking lot. My coworkers are throwing out all kinds of things… Old equipment, old memorabilia, and Goat Boy droppings. Cassette decks that no longer work were being heaped into the dumpster with extreme prejudice. Old awards and framed prints were shuffled to the dumpster like a Baptists carrying KISS records to an old fashioned burning.

The promotions office that I share with Weather Dave, Adam Korn, Goat Boy (sometimes), and Tripper was free and clear of debris before all the cleaning started. And somehow before the day was half over, there was enough junk that found its way into our office that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Fred Sanford clutching his chest and telling Elizabeth that he’ll be with her shortly.

When folks found something that looked remotely like “promotions material”, it was routed to our office. Old pens from companies that no longer exist… T-shirts with Spuds McKenzie on them… Along with calendars from Hooter’s where all the girls had seemingly natural (small) breasts, big hair, and acid-washed denim bikinis.

But Nicole Cornett (our receptionist) found the coolest of all caches… Old pictures! There were pictures from the good old days when Rock 92 started on Randleman Road. There were pictures of the old Rock 92 Jambulance (that’s what I always called it because there were ambulance lights on the roof). And Adam Korn discovered that I was in some of the pictures… He said about me, “Eugene looks like an angry lesbian.”

I'm the guy on the right in the Peaches Music & Video t-shirt.

You be the judge and feel free to make your own funny comments…

--Yes, I know what you’re thinking… Eugene listens to Madonna?

I certainly do my friends. And I believe that she should have a place in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame! After all… When I was a teenager, she got all the girls to wear sexy bras with little else. In my book, that’s noteworthy.

Enjoy my favorite Madonna song…


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Valerie Bertinelli called. She wants her haircut back.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    LOL @ Christine's comment!
    I think you looked very "pretty" more like a lipstick lesbian rather than an angry one.

  3. That's very funny, Christine.