Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Issac Hayes 'Branded'

You know… I got nothing.

I haven’t really been doing anything of note. When I get extremely busy, I just sort of cocoon up and chill in front of a television. And I recently purchased something to chill with… The Loop Season One on DVD!

To me… The first season of The Loop was awesome! The first two episodes came on right after that crappy show starring karaoke singers known as American Idol and the ratings were good. Very good. But the guys that call the shots at the FOX Network decided to let it fly on its own… And it died. Then the network shuffled off the second season just to fill up space on the schedule.

Another great show bites the dust.

To me, the second season wasn’t all that great. They took out characters and changed things around too much, but I’ll probably get that on DVD just to keep up with my collection.

Here’s a clip from season one of The Loop… Enjoy:

--That does it for me. I know it’s a short entry, but I feel like cocooning

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