Saturday, February 23, 2008

Joan Osborne 'Relish'

Thursday was a little bit more busy than usual because Rock 92’s sister station, 1075KZL, was having a small and intimate concert for some very lucky listeners. And since just about every member of the promotions staff goes to school… It was just me and Chris Alston keeping the small and courteous Blue October fans from becoming an unruly crowd of paint-throwing PETA Tasmanian Devils.

Everything worked out fine… Except for the food.

I started off Thursday morning very hungry… Just look at the last entry I made on Wednesday night. I was starving like a not so dedicated hunger-striking Hindu.

I had some Lance in my pants, but I was looking forward to the food that was going to be served after Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld’s performance and Q&A session.

When I finally got to eat… I was let down faster than a 2 year old can drop a lead brick.

Now keep in mind that I’m not like everyone else… And everyone else LOVED the food. I’m just not the kind of guy that enjoys chicken with snappy things (I think they were water chestnuts) in it. I ate the chicken out of it and left the snappy things on the plate.

There was also this stuff comprised of long stringy noodles, carrots, peas, and some other types of unidentifiable vegetation. I like peas and carrots… And since I’ve been open about trying new things over the past few years, I inserted a huge wad of the stuff into my mouth.

It was not as bad as the broccoli salad stuff that a friend asked me to try once… That broccoli stuff was so foul that I immediately wanted to spit it out of my mouth, but she wouldn’t let me. Although I had never tasted garbage juice before, it tasted like I imagined garbage juice tasting like.

Anyways… The long stringy noodle stuff had an unpleasant vinegary taste to it. It didn’t make me want to spew it out and wash my mouth with used motor oil just to get a better aftertaste… Like the broccoli stuff did. But I didn’t finish it.

All around me, folks were eating the food as if there invisible harem women feeding them. They had smiling faces. They would ease their heads back before dropping great amounts of stringy noodles into their mouths. It was all so very sensual… Even when the guys were thumping the water chestnuts like paper footballs into each other’s mouths.

I guess my taste buds are just weird.

Here’s the food consumed since the last Free Food February update:


1 package of Lance Toastchee crackers (station supply)
A serving of some sort of Asian Fusion chicken (from the 1075KZL Lounge Performance)
An order of Outback Wings (courtesy of Nicole Cornett)


2 packs of Lance Toastchee crackers (station supply)
A bowl of Natty Greene’s Mac n’ Cheese (courtesy of Doug McKnight)
A Moe’s chicken burrito and chips (courtesy of Christine Hanson)

And here’s a story that’s warming my dark little heart…

I’m out folks… Look for an update on Sunday.

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