Tuesday, February 05, 2008

James Blunt 'Back To Bedlam'

Free Food February began on Monday the fourth and I have yet to get really hungry.

I had some leftover Hooters’ wings (free by the way) from Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl. I warmed up about a dozen of them and lathered those jokers up with some Ranch dressing. They were plain wings and they needed something… Lots of Ranch!

For the record, here’s what I’ve had so far:

Monday 2/4

One dozen wings from Hooters (free from previous day)
1 package of Lance Toastchees (free from station’s supply)
1 package of Snyder’s Mult-Grain chips (slightly out of date leftover product)

Tuesday 2/5

1 package of Lance Toastchees (free from station’s supply)
1 package of Snyder’s Multi-Grain chips (slightly out of date leftover product)
2 Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts (dropped off for morning shows)
1 Krispy Kreme heart-shaped doughnut with sprinkles (dropped off for morning shows)
Mushroom & Swiss Burger with a side of fries from Rock-Ola (courtesy of Marcia Gan and invoking the Lawyer Rule)

Yeah… I was to initially meet Marcia Gan for drinks, but since she was starving… We met for dinner instead. I invoked the “lawyer rule” (I pay for her meal and she pays for mine) and cannot use it again until Monday.

Oddly, I haven’t been as hungry as I thought I would be. And tomorrow I’m looking forward to our promotions meeting. I have a feeling that sandwiches will be on the menu… Nice fulfilling sandwiches.

At Natty’s this past Sunday… Megan Kopp (co-creator of the Lawyer Rule with Kira Krapcho) asked me what I was doing to prepare for a month of possible starvation.

Honestly… I’ve just trimmed down to one meal a day with a few snacks sprinkled all over. It wasn’t hard because sometimes I get so busy that I forget to eat. I keep drinking water without realizing that I’m hungry until I wake up the next day. Last week was pretty busy, so it was rather easy to prepare.

--The weather was nice and mild today with record breaking warm temperatures. I think the record temp was 74 degrees.

I drove home with the windows down along with today’s musical choice (the title of today’s blog entry) blasting out of the speakers. I firmly believe in rolling down the windows to bask in the good weather when it comes my way.

I pulled into the driveway and fully expected to see my cat Monroe pop out from under the bushes to greet me like she always did on mild days just like today. I had to remind myself that she was gone.

I miss Miss Mo.

I still find myself looking for her when backing out of the driveway from time to time so I won’t run her over. Oh, she would get out of your way, but it was always on her terms. Some days she’d hurry and on others, she’d move like a glacier.

When I find myself missing her… I just think about cleaning out that litter box and the thought of having another cat disappears.

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