Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheap Trick 'Music For Hangovers'

This weekend wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be… It was the first
weekend of Free Food February.

Here’s the breakdown of food over the past few days…


3 slices of Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza (courtesy of Mom)
2 packages of Snyder’s Multi-Grain chips (station supply)
1 package of Lance Toastchee crackers (station supply)


1 slice of Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza (leftover: courtesy of Mom)
A dozen Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanera wings (courtesy of Kim Thore)


1 bagel with margarine and 3 strips of turkey bacon (courtesy of Kim Thore)
3 Taco Bell tacos with a side of Beans n’ Cheese (courtesy of Mom)


1 Krispy Kreme doughnut (Brought to the station)
Broccoli with Ranch dressing
Swiss and Cheddar Cheese cubes
1 slice of Papa John’s meat pizza (these items left over from a sales
An order of Outback Wings (Courtesy of Tina Sutton)

Man… Let me tell ya… I was feeling the hunger late Sunday afternoon. If my cat Monroe was still alive, I could have possibly turned her into a plate of Sesame Chicken.

So thankfully my mother came through with some Taco Bell tacos!

--Over the weekend, I watched some movies from Netflix. I tried watching The Reaping and The Machinist, but I just couldn’t close on them.

The Reaping had promise, but it just wouldn’t move along with the story. After 40 minutes… I gave up on it faster than a search for a 14 year old virgin in Kentucky.

The Machinist was no better. Even though I was dealing with hunger pangs of my own… I couldn’t look at the emaciated Christian Bale without wanting to throw food at my new 32” High-Def LCD television.

The movie was taking its time to go absolutely nowhere. After 40 minutes of that nonsense… It was pulled from the DVD player.

I also gave up on The L Word. I wouldn’t think it possible… But seeing lovely naked women (lesbians) engaged in sexual situations wasn’t enough to keep me interested in the series. The L Word isn't the type of drama I like to watch. It was too much of a soap opera for me. There was nothing to make me laugh… Sure, it was a good study on relationships no matter which side of the fence you reside on… Gay or non-gay… The L Word just didn’t make me want it. I never found myself saying, “Hot damn! Another DVD of The L Word!”

Then I put in the last movie that was chilling on my entertainment center. A film that I was interested in seeing, but not interested enough to see in the theaters... Transformers.

Although I watched it and gave it 3 out of 5 stars… I still don’t really understand what the hell it was that I saw. Let me explain…

The Transformers come from a planet where machines evolved like people. Then some evil machine found the cube from Hellraiser and all hell broke loose. The cube would make machines evil and they’d go out to find worlds to destroy.

I liked Transformers simply because it was a fun ride. There's really nothing more than fun and special effects. And that cube from Hellraiser... Where was Pinhead?

Do you remember the animated television series?

I do and I remember the movie although I never saw the series. And I never liked the movie.

I had a friend that worked at a theater when the animated Transformers flick came out. He was a fan of the show and was surprised to find that they killed off Optimus Prime in the film.

That news didn’t have any impact on me, but he told me about something fascinating that happened whenever the Transformers showings let out. So I had to check it out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! And for some reason, I found it a little funny (I’m blaming my age and lack of sensitivity at the time). Kids by the dozens were coming out of the theaters and crying their little eyes out because Optimus Prime was killed off in the movie. I even remember parents being outraged about spending their money to take their kids only to have their hearts crushed.

Oh, it was good times.


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    The death of Optimus Prime is by far one of the most tragic times in the life of a kid growing up in the 80s. I, for one, was greatly affected by it. They killed the ultimate good guy. That would be equivelant of Captain Kirk getting offed in Star Trek. Trekkies would have had a fit. It was good times to see him come back, albeit for 3 episodes ( the final season of TF was 3 episodes long).

    And speaking of the animated series, I have all 4 seasons if you ever want to go back to and reminisce.

  2. Anonymous4:31 AM

    I don't have anything interesting to add, only this: How did I know that when I saw "1 comment" it would be that guy? Anything else would have been a disappointment.

    Wait. I also must add that the reason you could not watch The Machinist is the very reason I don't think I will ever see it. I hear that it's a good movie, but I can't even look at stills without wincing in pain. I mean, he just looks gross. And I know that seeing him in motion would not help matters. Also, I fully support your of your laughing at throngs of crying children. Fully!

    Wait! One more thing! Who, I repeat who misspells their own name? Oh man! That is classic! If you can't spell anything right, at least don't mess up your own name. Come on!

  3. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Damn right it was me! I had to put in my 2 cents for the evening. Besides, that was the last thing I typed before I went to sleep. I had been up all day.

    And I too will agree, The Machinist is good if you can get past the extra frail Christian Bale. He looks like he could have dropped dead at any moment during the movie. It was pretty groos to look at.

  4. Thanks Mr. C-Style... But I'll take a pass. I saw the animated movie... Didn't move me.

    I just saw the live-action flick and I'm still not moved.

    If you love it, that's cool.

  5. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Does anyone else think it's a little spooky that Robin Zander is almost an exact duplicate of Kirk Kobane from Nirvana?

    Check out the Youtube video.



  6. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Does anyone else think it's a little spooky that I can't spell Kurt Cobain's name correctly?