Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Starz 'Coliseum Rock'

Is it crazy for me to be giddy about an upcoming game night?

I remember talking to Deidre in her little production studio back in December about board games. She spoke about the ones that she loved and I bragged about my Monopoly skills. As we chatted about the games we liked and disliked, she asked me why I never came to her “game nights”.

I had no idea as to what she was talking about. She called that BS because everyone working at Dick Broadcasting Company knew about it.

I swear… I didn’t know anything Deidre’s game night. I hadn’t even heard rumblings or rumors of it.

It seems that Deidre’s game night is one of the highlights of life. Everyone gathers at her house with food and drink. They break out games and fun ensues.

Deidre also warned me about how tempers flare during game night. It seems that a couple of friends got so wrapped up in a game… They almost came to blows out on Deidre’s front lawn.

Am I prepared for this?

I think so.

I plan on taking some food. I plan on taking some adult beverages. And I plan on taking some well concealed brass knuckles. You never know, right?

From what I understand… There will be games like Pictionary, Last Word, and other popular ones that I’ve never played. My game (Monopoly) won’t be there because it takes too long.

That’s a good thing. I play Monopoly ruthlessly. I don’t play to lose. I play to crush every opponent gathered around the board of Atlantic City landmarks. I play with no mercy. I don’t cut any breaks and I don’t negotiate when someone can’t pay up. I want to see you bleed out of money and I play to win.

So… As you can see… No one likes to play Monopoly with me. I usually play the Nintendo 8-bit version. That’s the best version that I’ve ever played. I also have the PlayStation version, but I found it too lenient. I’m the hardcore by-the-book rules type of player. There’s no money involved when you hit Free Parking with me… That’s a rule that I’ve never understood. I don’t go for pinko/communist type of rules when it comes to my Monopoly. And besides, if someone down on their luck strikes a vein of gold by landing on Free Parking… That just lengthens the game.

So it’s probably a good thing that Monopoly will not be at Deidre’s game night. Because I would hate to have to “stick” someone because they help out their friendly opponent by forgiving a debt or something else like that. And besides, the other players usually gang up against me instead of only playing for themselves.

Bastards know I’m dangerous when it comes to Monopoly.

And in case you’re wondering… I use the moneybag as my token. They haven’t put out a “pig sticker” token yet.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I'm not so sure the fellow "gamers" are quite ready for someone with your skills. :)

  2. I'm so jealous of this game night! No one ever wants to play with me either, for the same reasons (although I suck at Monopoly).