Monday, January 07, 2008

Bobby Lee Springfield 'All Fired Up!'

If you didn’t know already… Like the person that commented on my Robin Trower ‘Long Misty Days’ entry… The title of each blog entry is my musical selection of the day. I choose only one CD or tape to listen to for the day. Those choices are generally for listening while driving to and from work. The blog entry may have nothing to do with the musical selection. It’s just to give you an idea as to what I’m listening to. And like some folks out there… You could very well be inspired to check out that particular musical selection.

--For the first time… I took my Zune MP3 player to work today. I sometimes spend a lot of time in the office. Above my desk is a shelf stereo system and I discovered that there are jacks for me to plug in my Zune. I just use an adapter with a ¼” plug out of the headphone jack and into the back of the shelf stereo using RCA plugs.

Oh, it’s wonderful… But after hearing a little Life, Sex, & Death… I don’t think that Weather Dave would agree. He will often pull up Jimmy Buffet’s Radio Margaritaville or something like that. It’s just kind of nice to have a great bit of my CD collection to listen to at work. And the best thing… The collection fits on something slighter larger than a deck of cards.

Why did I wait so long to jump aboard onto this MP3 type of revolution?

Although I can’t see myself purchasing music online without some sort of hard copy… In other words, a Compact Disc. It’s difficult for me to purchase something that I cannot see or touch. I could’ve never been one of those pioneer types that ordered a bride through the mail.

--It took me 33 hours to watch the damn thing, but I got through the 3 and ½ hour film Nixon. It was a feat indeed. Not because I found the film boring… It’s just because I kept getting interrupted. The phone would ring. Someone would ask me to help with a favor. I had to donate a kidney… Things just kept me from watching the movie in it’s entirety. Hell… It took me over 12 years to finally start watching it.

I wouldn’t say that I really liked the film. Normally, I like just about any film by Oliver Stone. I like the guy’s subjects and his filmmaking style. Nixon definitely had the same kind of feel that is all over JFK and Natural Born Killers. Especially the latter. There were quick cuts to things in black and white or a with a grainy stock footage look to it. And since I only possess a limited amount of knowledge about Nixon and his legacy… I spent some time lost about a lot of things in the film.

And my biggest Nixon misconception… He didn’t care much for his dog Checkers because the animal didn’t care much for him either. For some reason, I thought they were inseparable. Kind of like Clinton and his cat Monica… Uh… I mean Socks.

I found Nixon interesting, but I still don’t know anything about the man’s legacy other than he didn’t feel loved. I got the impression that Nixon was lonely and misunderstood.

I gave Nixon 3 out of 5 stars on Netflix.

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