Saturday, January 19, 2008

Natasha Beddingfield 'Pocketful Of Sunshine'

I recently spoke about getting a “poof” for Christmas and it seems that I’ve been misspelling the word… It’s pouf. Why didn’t someone correct me?

Anyway… I wanted to go find some body wash at a drug store, but instead settled for some at the Harris Teeter. I had to get some bar soap, bread, and eggs. I found the bar soap and figured that it was the perfect time to score some body wash to use with my pouf. I stood there looking at what types of body washes they had available and most of it was geared towards women. They had all kinds of fruity and floral types of smells spread out over a sizable section of the aisle. None of those scents appealed to me. I didn’t want to smell like a perfumed old lady. I’m a man, dammit! I need a manly scent coming off my cleanly pouf’ed skin… Dammit. (Once more for manly emphasis)

Then I noticed that Old Spice and Dial had some body wash on the shelf… The “manly” light bulb lit up in my head and I started inspecting those babies a little harder. One thing they had in common, other than leaving me clean and smelling like I just fixed a garage full of Chevy’s… They had moisturizers in them. They offered protection from dry skin.

I chose the Dial brand because I liked the way it smelled… But I’ll be honest with you folks… If they had Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works, I’d be smelling like a cookie right now. Dammit!

I actually felt excited about my first pouf showering experience on Monday morning. If the experiment went as well… The rest of my life would be spent with a pouf my shower.

I must say that I didn’t like the moisturizing soap from Dial. It smells good, but it doesn’t seem to rinse as cleanly as I like. Maybe it’s the moisturizers in the soap… But I felt as oily as Uncle Jed’s bullet after missing some food and hitting some crude.

I’m going to stick it out though. At least I’ll use up the body wash that I have, but I’m thinking about hitting Bath & Body Works for a gallon of Warm Vanilla Sugar. I’m a man, dammit… But I love the smell of that stuff!

--I just watched the movie We Are Marshall.

I was very young when that happened and yet I remember how those events affected my family.

Regardless of what college team you followed… If you were a West Virginian, you were affected by it and followed Marshall’s progress from then on. And to this very day, my parents still watch Marshall games. Although I don’t watch them, I will ask about the outcome if I don’t check the scores in the paper or see it on the news.

I wouldn’t say that We Are Marshall is a great film… It pushes all the right cliché buttons and offers the viewers nothing more than a story without miracles. The West Virginian in me gives the film 4 stars on Netflix.


  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I think warm vanilla sugar is a Bi-scent. In other words, it can go either way.

  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Oh, and I also made an error in the spelling of the "pouf". However, I am going to blame that error on you. Knowing what a bright and intelligent man you are I assumed you knew how to spell it!
    I will guarantee, as with most lessons learned in life, that neither of us will ever misspell that word again. :)