Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Circus Of Power 'Circus Of Power'

I’m sure you’ve had bad days. We all have them. Tuesday was a big bowl full of crazy fun. I had so much going that I realized about 5 hours before my bedtime that I hadn’t eaten the entire day. And I listened to my craving… They cannot be denied as you may know… And hit BoJangle’s for one of those delicious Cajun Filet Biscuit combos. Then as I sat there all alone, I thought about hitting a bar. I didn’t want to sit alone drinking without someone to chat with so I hit Aunt Betty’s Café (the ABC Store) and picked up a fifth (or as the Europeans say 750ml’s) of Jim Beam. Just by doing that, valuable time was saved in order to watch Bridgett Jones: Edge Of Reason on DVD.

I had put the day behind me as the Jim Beam started massaging the corpuscles in my blood. I got all relaxed and eventually fell asleep.

And wouldn’t you know it… My day started just about the same way again. I joked with our receptionist Nicole and my boss Doug McKnight that I was having the kind of that should start off with a two drink minimum.

My day got much better and I feel like a new phrase has been born… So please, feel free to use it.

“This is the kind of day that should start off with a two drink minimum.”

--Bradford “Hinzy” Hines has given my experiment a name… Free Food February!

It will officially start on Monday the 4th. Here are the rules:

Only free food. Food brought into the station. Food at Rock 92 and 1075KZL live remotes. Food that anyone wants to buy me. I cannot eat at home.

While chatting with Kira and Megan at the Village Tavern last Friday… I can only use this tactic once a week…

I can go Dutch with a lunch/dinner partner where I pay for their meal and they in turn can pay for mine. Megan called it a “lawyer tactic” and they suggested that I could do that, but it should only happen once a week.

I will post what I ate whenever I post a new blog entry so you can keep track of this little experiment.

Is there any reason for this? Am I making a point? Am I bringing attention to a cause or some other worthwhile charity?


This is all “Eugene dumbassery”… Plain and simple. And I’ve done these types of things before… Last October, I stopped drinking beer. One crazy month back in 1993, I didn’t eat meat. That was the toughest month of my life!

When that came to a close, I went out and got myself a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Made me sick as a non-sailing dog out on the ocean, but it sure was good going down.

Only one person (Bradford “Hinzy” Hines) has come forward and said that they’ll treat me to lunch one day next month… So if you’re so inclined, send me an email and we’ll find time to sit across a table from each other.


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I'm in - I'll buy you lunch, too, or maybe even dinner and a beer. That raises a question, though: are you allowed to buy your own alcoholic beverages? Surely one could make a meal out of enough beer...

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Only one person (Bradford “Hinzy” Hines) has come forward and said that they’ll treat me to lunch one day next month…

    Excuse me? Go read the comments to your January 25 post. I offered to take you to lunch. And I won't even make you use your lawyer tactic and have you take me. :)

    (Although after the wad of cash I just blew on a "special ticket package" to see Tom Petty this summer in Charlotte, I might need to adopt a free food month, too. I'll buy you groceries if you decide to go to see him in Raleigh and take me along -- ha ha)

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Isn't it sort of "cheating" if you announce that you're not spending any money on food, and begging everyone you know to buy it for you? Where's the "challenge" in having your friends bail you out whenever the going gets rough? I say if you really want to "challenge yourself" you should postpone this experiment until a later date, and then KEEP IT TOTALLY TO YOURSELF.

  4. Thanks Megan!

    I will still continue purchasing lots of alcohol. I do need to some my intake of beer... Too many damn calories. Especially in our favorite from Natty Greene's.

    Just let me know when!

  5. You're correct, Bebo. You did offer first.

    Please accept my apology about my forgetfulness.

    Just let me know when!

  6. Christine... Why do you always have to be my buzzkill?

    Jeez... Lighten up, sister.


  7. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I have to say that Christine has a very valid point... sorry! :)

    Oh..... and does pet food count? You could always..... ;)