Saturday, December 29, 2007

Various Artists 'Various Sh*t Volume 12'

My nephew Preston recently showed me his new MP3 player. I guess kids all around the country are getting those things. Then the next hot thing for kids will be hearing aids.

Remember that little fear when Sony unleashed the Walkman on us?

Seems like every kid was listening to their personal music machine at F-16 volume.

So anyways… Preston was showing me his player and I tooled around on it to see if he had some good music on it. He had some Daughtry… But hey… He’s seven and entitled to a few mistakes this early in life. And then it warmed my heart to find that he had some KISS on there. I saw “Detroit Rock City” and heard him listening to “Do You Love Me”. The boy is getting the proper schooling thanks to his step dad loading the right tunes on there for him.

But I did have a little concern over one song I saw on his MP3 player… It is a KISS tune called “Sweet Pain”. It’s a little ditty about S&M types of sexual behavior…

My leathers fit tight around me
My whip is always beside me
You want the same thing every day
Ill teach you love a different way
You’ll learn to love me and my sweet pain
My love will drive you insane
Sweet pain, my love will drive you insane

And pain has got its reason
And if you dont stop your teasin, baby
Im gonna show you now
You’ll get your lovin’ anyhow, anyhow
And youll get to love me and my sweet pain

Now growing up and listening to it myself at a young age… I didn’t know what the song was about. I just remember liking it. It took me awhile to figure out that song’s meaning as well as “Nothin’ To Lose” (anal sex), “Christine Sixteen” (indecent liberties with a minor), and “Goin’ Blind” (think Lolita).

But I can’t help thinking that Preston doesn’t really need to be hearing that type of song just yet. He’s only 7 and there’s still a lot of innocence behind his big eyes. One side of me is concerned about spoiling his innocence and the other side tells me that he has no idea what the songs are about. He won’t know or understand for a very long time… Perhaps.

I remember when I actually listened to the lyrics of “My Sharona” for the first time. I had heard that awesome song a MILLION times before, but I never listened to the lyrics. I couldn’t believe that a hit song had a lyric in it like this… I always get it up for the touch of the other kind

Ever since that day, I’ve been a stickler about lyrics. I try to listen to what a song is actually about. I remember when Paula Abdul released her ‘Spellbound’ LP and I heard the song “Rush Rush” throughout Peaches Music & Video. I couldn’t believe that Paula was singing about her orgasms while everyone around the store fondled Lynyrd Skynyrd and Garth Brooks CD’s. I found it mildly amusing.

Am I crazy? Feel free to leave a comment and express your feelings on this.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    It sounds like your thinking is very responsible. That is a hard call to make with the lyrics of a lot of songs being questionable past and present. I would say at this point he has no idea what the lyrics mean but it is only a matter of time before he figures it out. Growing up I was allowed to listen to whatever I wanted. Hmmmmm that could possibly explain a lot of things. Delete the questionable songs as fast as you can. :)

  2. My 10 year old daughter was singing along with the radio to Pink's U and UR Hand. I think it went over her head. I changed the station regardless.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    NOW...Maybe you understand why I feel Chloe is far to young for "KISS" and their, um um um... music. I would like her to be a child for as long as she can, singing songs like...Itsy Bitsy Spider, not songs like Detroit Rock City.

    Is our sister aware of what Preston is pumping into his head??

    Chloe's Over Protective Mother,